TRAVELLING - Basic A - 1st page

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Choose the right alternative












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Choose the right alternative: JOURNEY /TRAVEL /TRIP

A.My to work takes 15 minutes.

B.The from my home to Central London takes about an hour by train

C.I'm going to in China in May.

D.What animals did you see on your to Tanzania?

E.He fell asleep during the train .

F.Did you have a good ?

G.I was thinking we might go on a shopping to Harrods on Saturday.

H.He's away on a business and won't be back until next month.

I.I went on a to Canadian Rockies in September.

J.My friend can't afford another abroad this year.

K.I to work by train.

L.Have a safe !

M.I always try to light.

N.I love going on a long .

O.It's a one-hour train from London to Oxford.

P.Christopher Columbus made the across the Atlantic Ocean with three ships.

Q.I don't like to alone. It's more fun to go with a friend.

R.We took a 30-minute boat to the island.


S.Did you during your spring break?

T.The prize for first place in the contest is a for two to Paris.

U.I forgot to buy eggs, so I had to make another to the supermarket.

V.Do you think that B to other planets will be possible someday?


W.My from meat-eater to vegetarian has taken about 5 years.

X.Mum and I went on a to Thailand to see Brother Jim.

Y.My to work takes 45 minutes.

Z.Have a nice .

AA.The is far more comfortable by train.

BB.When you by train, you can go and have a drink in the buffet car.

CC.We're going to north to Chiang Mai.

DD.A team of Japanese scientists have embarked on a into the Congo in search of the Mokele monster.

EE.The scientific expedition embarked upon a long to visit The Arch of Ctesiphon.

FF.Richard Burton took part in a famous into the heart of Africa.

GG.The by bus takes ages.

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