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Give the right word to each definition.

A.An area of low land between hills or mountains. -

B.A natural piece of land rising to a considerable height. -

C.An arid region with little rain or water and few plants. -

D.A large area of land covered with trees-

E.A large mass of ice formed over many years. -

F.The land next to the sea. -

G.A natural flow of water along a definite course. -

H.An area of land completely surrounded by water. -

I.The vast body of salt water covering nearly three-fourths of the Earth's surface. -

Complete the sentences filling in the gaps with the correct word.

A.When they reached the top of the , they looked at the spectacular below.

B.We crossed the by boat to reach the opposite bank.

C.Malibu is located on the of the southern California.

D.Do planes land on that small Greek ?

E. around the world are melting because of the rise in temperature.

F.People often use camels for transportation in the .

G.I had a magnificent view of the from my hotel room in Hawaii.

H.There are many different plants and trees in that beautiful .

Find the right adjective for each description

A.It's a typical form of a valley. -

B.Adjective used to describe the height of a mountain. -

C.The adjective given to a forest with a lot of trees. -

D.We use this adjective when speaking about the materials that compose a mountain. -

E.When a valley is not wide. -

F.Adjective used to describe the climate of a tropical forest. -

G.In a desert there isn't water, so we use this adjective. -

H.A river usually has this length. -

I.An ocean is always that by definition. -

J.We use this adjective when speaking about ocean abysses. -

Choose the right alternative.

A.The desert is because of the lack of water.

B.We walked through a forest but luckily, we didn't get lost.

C.The climbers wanted to reach the top of the mountain.

D.That long river flows into that large valley.

E.The sight of the ocean with its waters made him feel afraid.

F.This part of the coast is with dramatic views.

G.The village is in a valley surrounded by the Alps.