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   Domanda 1   
PART 1 - Choose the right alternative

A.The definition of something really large, important or of a large amount. -

B.The definition of an area confined or crowded.

C.The definition ofomething or someone that is very large, bulky and solid. -

D. Of considerable size. -

E.The adjective given to a forest with a lot of trees. -

F.The definition of it refers to something that is wide from side to side, or to something that covers a lot of area. -

G.The definition of it is having little depth, being lean or not having a lot of something. -

H.When a valley is not wide. -

I.It means unfair or low-quality. -

J.The definition of it is something that is very good or very noticeable, making it more obvious than another. -

K.The definition of it is something that is very beautiful or astonishing. -

L.Of a strikingly attractive appearance, causing or capable of causing emotional shock or loss of consciousness. -

M.Something repellent, horrible, frightful, ugly, macabre or sickly. -

N.The definition of it is something that is little, or pretty and clever. -

O.Giving pleasure or enjoyment. -

P.Something that creates curiosity or interest. -

Q.Very attractive. -

   Domanda 2   
PART 1 - Choose the right alternative

A.An example of is the size of an elephant compared to a mouse.

B.A: Is your new home spacious? B: No, its small and .

C.My bedroom was too , so my mother asked me to pick up my toys.

D.An example of something that would be described as is the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains.

E.Regions with urban populations appeared to maintain much less credible registers than regions with largely rural populations.

F.Cavalry cannot operate in such woods.

G.An example of something is a thin coat of paint.

H.We walked down a avenue lined with trees.

I.The road made passing other cars difficult.

J.Simons foriture must have been nice when he bought it, but now its .

K.His play in that game was and we shouldnt expect to see that level from him again.

L.The view from my flat is as we live on the 36th floor in Manhattan.

M.The young woman was .

N.There was a accident on the freeway last night.

O.Lucy was such a baby!

P.Shoppers find our low prices and easy parking a combination.

Q. is the first line of a novel that makes you want to read the whole book.

R.A new hairstyle.

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