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PART 2 - Choose the right alternative

A.Extremely unpleasant -

A.An ocean is always that by definition. -

B.Situated in, or intended for use in the interior of a building. -

C.Located in, done in, or suited to the open air. -

D.Having the shape of a letter V. -

E.Full of or containing rocks. -

F.Land that does not have enough water to support the growth of plants. -

G.Adjective used to describe the climate of a tropical forest. -

H.Costly or having a very high price. -

I.Costing very little, of little value. -

J.Someone or something that is small, lacking in power, or otherwise not important. -

K.Hard to see in the low light or hard to understand. -

L.Someone or something that is very well known by a lot of people. -

M.Broken down by age, illness or hard use. -

N.Unfashionable. -

O.Someone or something that is old fashioned or that is no longer cool. -

P.Something that is in keeping with long-standing tradition, style or custom. -

Q.Something that will be important for a very long time. -

R.Something that is fashionable, up to date or in fashion. -

S.Something that is current as of the present moment. -

T.Design, or fashion that is very different from past styles. -

U.Something that is disorderly or dirty. -

V.Not neat and tidy. -

W.Contaminated. -

X.Something soiled, unclean or impure. -

Y.Remaining in its original. -

Z.Something that is neat and well put together. -

AA.Not dirty, or sober, or off of drugs, or morally pure. -

BB.Being without sunlight; dark or overcast. -

CC.Full of or dark. -

DD.Colored or stained with ink. -

EE.Brightly colored or interesting person or thing. -

FF.Visually clear, a sharp image, high acuity. -

GG.Shining and full of light, mentally quick or witty. -

HH.State of feeling physical discomfort, uneasiness or anxiety. -

II.Being at ease or someone that makes a person feel secure, happy or relaxed. -

JJ.Unfavorable to life or growth; hostile. -

KK.Something scenic and beautiful. -

LL.Someone or something kind, helpful or affectionate. -

MM.Full of or tending to cause stress. -

NN.A loud person, thing or activity. -

OO.To become calm, to loosen, or to calm down. -

PP.Making little or no movement or sound.

QQ.Doing nothing or not filled with activities or actions. -

RR.Slow or sluggish behavior. -

SS.Moving quickly, full of life or full of spirit. -

   Domanda 2   
PART 2 - Choose the right alternative

A. Theyve just spoiled the sea shore as they built some buildings.

A.There is a space between the two buildings.

B.There are some pubs in the centre that have bands playing most nights.

C.The city's nightlife is famous across Europe.

D.An example of is an athlete who is not training well.

E.I like to study at our school library. it isnt noisy, its very

F.I went to the spa, it was

G.An example of are football fans when their team scores a touchdown.

H.Unfortunately, my office is too noisy, busy and crowded, so its .

I.An example of a gesture is smiling, waving and saying hello.

J.The old town with its narrow streets and ancient churches is popular with tourists.

K.The townspeople were , making little effort to make the newcomer feel welcome.

L.I find the department stores very because you can find all you need in the same place.

M.She couldnt sleep because her bed was

N.Our living room has many large windows, so its BRIGHT, especially in the morning

O.The picture on this TV is - you can see every grain of sand!

P.An example of is an exciting and funny book about a situation that includes a lot of vivid detail.

Q.An example of is a house at night without any lights on.

R.With declining prices for farm produce came that year of unhappy memory, 1879, when persistent rains and an almost summer ruined the crops and reduced many farmers to a state of destitution.

S.An example of is a room that has just been vacuumed and dusted.

T.An example of someone who would be described as is a clean and well-dressed person.

U.There are practically no UNTOUCHED forests left in Europe.

V.A dish that has bits of old food on it is an example of a dish.

X.New Delhi is the world's most city according to Greenpeace and warns that "everyone may experience more serious health effects" if exposed.

Y.An example of something is a teenager's bedroom.

Z.That department store was built just a few years ago. Its quite .

AA.An example of is an inventory of goods in your store that you just finished conducting a minute ago.

BB.You can find lots of shops selling the latest fashions.

CC.It's full of buildings dating back to the time of the Romans.

DD.The fish market in our town is the same as fish markets a hundred years ago. I guess you should say its very

EE.An example of is an old rotary phone.

FF.Pretending to be non-sporty is at the moment

GG.An example of something is an old, abandoned house with shingles and paint that are falling off.

HH.Many people from all over the world visit that museum. its quite

II.A brand new taste that you have never tasted before is an example of something that you would describe as an taste.

JJ.Having one crumb of bread is an example of having an amount of bread.

KK.A person who is careful with his money and who doesn't spend foolishly is an example of someone who is .

LL.An example of an item is a quart of milk selling for $6.

MM.When the air feels wet, heavy and sticky, it is .

NN.A field of grass in the spring is an example of .

OO.The air was and hot, as if she were in a sauna.

PP.We use this adjective when speaking about the materials that compose a mountain. -

QQ.It's a typical form of a valley. -

RR.In spring, as soon as it gets warmer, there are lots of concerts.

SS.The wood is hard, heavy and of fine grain, quite equal to the best British oak for use, but of very variable durability where exposed to weather.

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