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   Domanda 1   
Choose the right alternative

A.Extremely small. -

B. Extending, spreading. -

C.The definition of it is something kind of dirty, gloomy or dull. -

D.The definition of it is something that is gloomy, somber or exposed to wind and cold. -

E.Very surprising or shocking. -

F.Something extremely bright, impressive or beautiful. -

G.Something that is extremely ugly, terrible or unpleasant to see. -

H.An attractive person. -

I.Of pleasing appearance. -

J.Unpleasant or offensive to look at. -

K.Unattractive. -

L.attractive, sexually attractive. -

M.dreadful, horrible to see -

A.Dried out from extreme heat. -

B.Marked by irregular projections and indentations on the edge or surface. -

C.Something that is full or exists in abundance. -

D.Extremely dirty or impure. -

E.Something that is still in its original condition or still pure. -

F.Something too bright or shiny. -

G.Something extremely bright, impressive or beautiful. -

H.Something small, old fashioned or charming in a good way. -

I.Something full of noise, energy and activity. -

   Domanda 2   
Choose the right alternative

A.He asked for a bite of my ice cream and then ate about half of it!

B.This hotel is located in a peaceful residential district in Los Pinos, only about 300 m from a sandy beach.

C. are white clothes that have been washed too many times and kind of take on a dirty grey hue.

D.The rooms at this hotels are but cheap.

E.Whether you are looking to bulk up or simply tone what you have, weightlifting exercises can help you develop a physique.

F.The actor has had a career.

G.When he opened his eyes, he found a sight awaiting him.

H.A young man invited Jane to dinner this evening.

I.That's not for a principal!

J.He had undone the buttons of his shirt, exposing an expanse of white flesh

K.The point at which the walls of suburban houses meet the lawns is apparently and must be covered up with these stunted trees

L.She wore no makeup but some perfume made her smell like heaven.

M.The landing overlooked the desert surrounding the black fortress.

N.The edge of the broken window.

O.An example of is vegetation in the rainforest.

P.A forest free of contamination is an forest.

Q.An example of is the sky on a stormy day.

R.An example of is the light coming through a car windshield just before sunset; a glaring reflection.

S.Having ridden in, he dismounted and approached a big campfire, around which sat several men talking noisily.

T.He lived more than seven hundred years ago in a little town of Italy.

U.A shopping mall at Christmas is an example of someplace that would be described as .

V.In some poor areas of the town people live in conditions.

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