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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

question 1

Use MAKE or DO in the following phrases

A. to harm

B. to
use of

C. to

D. to
sure / certain

E. to

F. to
a mess

G. to
one's best

H. to
an appointment

I. to
without something

J. to
fun of

K. to
a favour

L. to

M. to
a speech

N. to
the most of something

O. to

question 2


A. fare rumore to

B. accertarsi to

C. fare amicizia to

D. combinare un pasticcio to

E. fare del proprio meglio to

F. fissare un appuntamento to

G. fare a meno di qualcosa to

H. prendere in giro to

I. fare un favore to

J. fare affari to

K. fare un discorso to

L. trarre il massimo vantaggio da qualcosa to

M. fare del bene to

N. fare del male to

O. fare uso di to

question 3

Do or Make Quiz

A. What do you for a living?

B. Have you
your homework already?

C. My husband
the grocery shopping.

D. Amber
badly on her geography exam.

E. The children
a mess in the kitchen.

F. We are having guests tonight, so please
your bed.

G. I only
one mistake in my English test.

H. I have to ask you to
me a favour.

I. Have you and your friend
a decision yet?

J. Please excuse me while I
a phone call.

question 4

Put MAKE or DO in the right tense

A. I hate housework, especially cleaning.

B. Why do you always
the same mistake.

C. Can you
me a favour? I depends what it is.

D. Have you
your homework? Not yet.

E. I need to see the dentist but I haven' t
an appointment.

F. I' m
a course in photography at the moment. It' s very good.

G. The last time I
an exam was ten years ago.

H. When you have finished Exercise 1, you can
Exercise 2.

I. There is something wrong with the car.The engine is
a strange noise.

J. It was a bad mistake. It was the worst mistake I've ever

K. Let' s make of all the things we have to

L. Did you know how to
a cake?

M. This leather jacket has been
in Italy.

N. The children got up and went to school but they forgot to
the bed.

O. If you want to buy that car, I'm sure we can
a deal.

P. Let's go out tonight and
the town!

Q. I
an appointment to visit my doctor yesterday.

R. Excuse me, could you
me a favour and watch my bags for a moment?

S. Timmy! I told you not to
a mess in the living room!

T. I'm afraid I can't come. I'm going to
my homework after school.

U. How much money does your father

V. Tom's
a phone call at the moment, he'll be back shortly.

W. He really doesn't want to
that decision.

X. I like
business with Jack.

Y. I usually
the cleaning on Saturday Morning.

Z. Do you
your bed every morning?