Make or Do - BASIC

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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

question 1

Complete the exercise

A. to a cake

in Italy

C. to
the washing up

D. to

E. to
a list

F. to

G. to
the cleaning

H. to

I. to
a call

J. what do you

K. to
the cooking

L. to
the housework

M. to
a film

N. to
the shopping

O. to
one's bed

P. to
the homework

Q. to

R. to
an exam

S. to

T. to
a mistake

question 2


A. lavare i piatti to

B. fare ombrelli to

C. fare una lista to

D. fare pace to

E. fare pulizie to

F. fare soldi to

G. fare una chiamata to

H. che cosa fai (come lavoro)?

I. cucinare to

J. fare i lavori di casa to

K. fare un film to

L. fare la spesa to

M. fare il proprio letto to

N. fare i compiti to

O. fare il caffè to

P. fare un esame to

Q. fare esercizi to

R. fare un errore to

S. fare una torta to

T. fatto in Italia

question 3

Put MAKE or DO in the right tense

A. He is a cake

B. They are
the homework.

C. He is
the shopping.

D. She is
a jacket.

E. They are
an exam.

F. She is
some exercises.

G. She is
a phone call.

H. He is
the bed.

I. She is
the washing up.

J. He is
a shopping list.

K. They are
a film.

L. He is
a photograph.

M. Shall I open the window? No, it' s OK. I' ll

N. What did you
at the weekend? Did you go away?

O. Do you know how to
the bread?

P. Paper is
from wood

Q. Richard didn' t help me. He sat in armchair

R. What do you
? I am a doctor.

S. I asked you to clean the bathroom. Have you

T. What do they
in that factory? Shoes.

U. I am
some coffee. Would you like some?

V. Why are you angry with me? I didn' t
anything wrong.

W. What are you
tomorrow afternoon? I' m working.