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domanda 1

Choose the right alternative


A. I usually use an
not to dirty my clothes.

B. You can put the bottle of oil in a

C. It's a kitchen utensil used to mix foods, it's a

D. It's used for serving soup, it's a

E. It's used for rolling out a dough, it's a

F. You should use a
to cook a sweet.

G. It's used to keep tea leaves, it's a

H. Tom uses a
to cut vegetables.


I. It's usually metallic, it's used for holding gas, it's a

J. It can keep wine or beer, it's a

K. You can also wash your clothes in a

L. Excuse me waiter, can you bring a
of water, please?

M. A
of petroil costs 74 dollars.


N. To make a cake a
of butter is enough.

O. Don't put too much salt, just two

P. I want three
of ice cream.

Q. I'd like two
of cheese.

R. What about a
of beer?

S. An
of gold costs 300 .

domanda 2



A. Piattino -

B. Set olio-aceto -

C. Bricco del latte -

D. Portapane -

E. Frusta -

F. Matterello -

G. Piatto da sformato -

H. Grembiule -

I. Colino -


J. - A
of orange juice

K. - A
of butter

L. - A
of oxygen

M. - A
of oil

N. Confezione risparmio -

O. Confezione famiglia -


P. - A
of salt

Q. - A
of ice-cream

R. - A
of cheese

S. 0,9463 lt -

T. 1 gallone: 4,5461 -

U. 1 oncia: 28,3 gr -

V. 1 etto -