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   Domanda 1   
Choose the right alternative


A.I'm not very enthusiastic on like Clash of clans .

B.I think my computer may have a virus. It every time I log on.

C.If there isn't a power point, you can always your laptop on batteries.

D.A computer can replicate itself and infect a computer .

E.A is a program that provides a way to look at all the information on the World Wide Web .

F.A can create a backdoor that gives malicious users access to your computer .

G.The is the system that allows to navigate from page to page with the use of a browser .

H.A is a malfunction of the software .

I.Who knows all about computer is a .

J.A part of a website that can be read on a computer screen -

K.The first page that you can see when you look at a website -

L.To copy computer programs or information electronically -

M.Www is an internet address which stands for

N.To press the button on a computer mouse-

O.A connection between documents on areas on the internet -

P.To send on an email to another address.-

Q.Since I've had a DVD player, I don't with TV any more.

R.A word that means to move around the internet. -

S.To move a file from your computer to larger computer on the internet. -

T.The instructions that control computer programs. -

U.You need one of these to get into an account. -

V.If you have got a wireless (or cordless) mouse you dont need to a cable into a port.

   Domanda 2   
Fill in the right answer in the following definitions

A.If you want to read your e-mails, you must first.

B.If you want to get some information about this subject, use a .

C.Before you leave, don't forget to !

D.All my work is gone ! I forgot to my data !

E.You should this program, it offers many new possibilities.

F.Wait for me, I won't be long, I'll just my email.

G.I bought my yesterday but I can't use it.

H.I can't use my software. In the manual, it was written: 'easy to ' !

I.If you want this text to be ,you'd better copy it into your clipboard.

J.Then your text into your new document.

K.My picture is pretty good! I am going to it and publish it on my blog.

L.It usually takes me about two hours to read my and to reply to all the senders.

M.I also any unwanted spam that I have received in the inbox.

   Domanda 3   
Fill in the right word or phrase in the following passage

My (A) is full:there are too many (B) from Nadine. I must (C) but her (D) was (E) when my computer crashed and I can't remember it.

I do a lot of things with my smartphone: I watch (F) from YouTube, I surf the(G) , I searchwebsites and webpages on the browser, I play games, I write clipboards, but I mostly use mysmartphone for chatting on (H) , like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook.

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