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domanda 1

Choose the right alternative


The story is narrated by a (A) narrator, Pip, who relates events from two different points of view:
- one point of view is that of himself (B)

- the other point of view is that of Pip as an adult and commenting on C)

This enables the author to create a vivid scene which is seen simultaneously through the eye of (D)

The narrative technique also influences the way characters come to life. They do so through the narrator's description (E)
but also through their interaction (F) .

Pip's personality emerges mostly from his reactions to what he sees, often described by himself as a narrator, but mainly from his (G)

domanda 2

The setting is described in (A) , starting from the (B) to (C) .

It follows a (D)
route focusing on the aspects that (E) .
In fact, the scene is built up through (F)
the strangeness of the atmosphere.

The scene is described like a (G)
picture and the (H) quality of the atmosphere is conveyed through:

- (I)
pervaded by a sense of (J)

- everything is (K)
in the room and Miss Havisham herself is (L) and she is wearing a (M) bridal dress.

- The clocks in the room (N)
twenty minutes to nine and everything else in the room (O) too.

The result is that the whole house seems to stand (P)
the normal flow of time.

domanda 3

Besides the physical setting, the social setting plays an important role in the novel.

The detailed description of the places Pip sees does create a
atmosphere which conveys his sense of (Q) but also underlines Pip's (R) for the (S) in social status between Estella and himself.

domanda 4


Consider the reader's position.
A. Whose point of view do you share as a reader? -

B. From your knowledge of the events so far who do you think Pip's benefactor may be? -

C. How would you describe the lawyer's language and behaviour? -

Focus on Pip.
D. How would you describe Pip's feelings when he hears the news? -

E. What does his reaction suggest about his character? -

F. How do you expect the story to develop? -