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Complete Chaucer's description by using phrases form the text

A. The Wife of Bath is one of the going to the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury.

B. She is described as a bit
, which was a pity

C. She wore very precious headkerchiefs, as they
more than ten pounds

D. She wore fine and tight stockings of

E. Her shoes were
and new .

F. She also wore a hat which is as large as a
, a riding skirt and also a pair of sharp on her feet.

H. Her face was
, handsome and of colour

J. She wass gap-
, which is a sign of a sensual nature, as well a sign of a love for travelling

K. Her hips were

L. She was so good at
making, that she overcame even the weavers of the Flanders

M. In the religious services, no woman
go to the altar in front of her, as she could get easily angry.

N. She's had
official husbands and many other lovers

O. She had been on a lot of
: three times to Jerusalem, Rome, Boulogne and many other places and she loved travelling.

P. She sat
on an ambling horse

Q. She was cheerful and enjoyable: she
and all the time.

S. She knew everything about
and she was very good at that