Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

domanda 1

Complete Chaucer's description by using phrases form the text

Chaucer starts by stating:
a) her name: Madame Eglantyne

b) her social position: a Prioress

c) her cultural background:

Then he describes the first impression she makes:
d) her way of smiling was simple and

e) her singing voice was fine and

f) her table manners were elegant and

He adds some more information about her behaviour at table:
g) she never let any morsel fall from her

i) and never dipped her
too deep in the sauce

l) she could keep the smallest drop from
on her breast

n) she would
her upper-lip very clean

p) she
reached a hand for the meat.

Finally, he completes the portrait by describing her physical features and clothing:
q) her nose was

r) her eyes were

s) her mouth was very small,
and red

v) her forehead was

w) her size was

x) she was wearing a

y) around her arm she had a

z) The high position held by the Prioress is underlined by the presence of a nun and
, who accompany her in her journey.