It was meliorated = venne migliorata (was improved) -  by Andrea

Mary sent very well = Mary sente bene (can hear) - by Martino

I forgot my quadern at home  =Ho dimenticato il quaderno a casa (notebook)- by Gianluca

I’ve just eaten a big past = un grande pasto (a big meal)  - unknown author

the carchiof  = carciofo (artichoke) -  by Pietro

common love = legislazione comune (Common Law trasformato in “ammucchiata”) – by Dario

Edward III was the son of Elizabeth Taylor = Isabel of France – by Dario


the story was ambiented = era ambientata (was set)   - by Andrea

very cort hair  = capelli corti (short hair)   -  by Cosimo

I have a dolor in my back = dolore ( a pain)-   by Raffaella    

For pleasure = per piacere (please)  by Giuseppe

Forcer than him = più forte (stronger )   - by Giuseppe

Debol character = carattere debole (weak personality) - by Valentina

nowledge a car = noleggiare una macchina (rent a car) -  by Giuseppe

permalouse = permaloso (touchy) – by Claudio

I  sollation  = io mi sollazzo (invece di capire isolation=isolamento, from the song “Lemon Tree”) by Checco

I’ve got a very mal the punch = proprio un mal di pancia (a real stomachache) – unknown author

Bayful = Beowulf  (eroe Anglosassone) - unknown author

in the pageant (carro) there were 2 stanzas (strofe) = due stanze (2 rooms)– by Antonio

Pressorè, ma Geoffrey Sauser  non significa piattino?
(saucer [pron: soser]  significa “piattino”, ma l’autore è Geoffrey Chaucer, [pron: Cioser]) - by Valentina

I impared the language = ho imparato (I learnt) - by  Marta