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domanda 1

IN - AT - ON - UNTIL - NO PREPOSITION: Choose the right answer

A. Jane is arriving January 26 2 o'clock the afternoon.

B. It snows here every year
December. We always go outside and play in the snow Christmas day.

C. Michael is leaving
Friday noon.

D. Frankie started working for her law firm

E. Franklin began working on the project

F. Normally,
New Year's Eve, it's tradition to kiss the one you love midnight.

G. Don't be ridiculous; there were no telephones
the seventeenth century! The telephone was invented the 1870s.

H. The plane leaves
tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM

I. The hills here are covered with wildflowers
early spring.

J. We met at the restaurant
6:30 and stayed 10:30.

domanda 2

IN - AT - ON - BY - FOR - NO PREPOSITION : Choose the right answer

A. She always gets up early the morning, so she can make it to class in time.

B. I was sick, so I didn't go to work
last Thursday, but I did go to work Friday.

C. Mary stopped talking
the middle of her story, and suddenly started to cry. I think we were all crying the time she finished telling us what had happened.

D. Late
night, you can here coyotes howling in the distance.

E. Just wait a second, I'll be there
a minute.

F. I need to give my parents a call. I haven't talked to them
over a month.

G. Barbara is going to start her new job
next September..

H. The professor said
the first day of the course that there would be a big final test the end of the semester.

I. I have been sitting here
more than an hour. If they don't arrive in the next ten minutes, I'm leaving.

J. We were really worried
first because the banks were closed Saturdays, so we couldn't exchange money

K. But
the end, everything worked out because we were able to exchange money at the hotel.

domanda 3

EXIT TEST 1 - Choose the right preposition

A. What are you doing the weekend?

B. I don't know yet. Maybe I'll go to the cinema

C. That's interesting. I haven't been to the cinema
so many years.

D. We could go there together
the afternoon.

E. That would be great. But I would prefer to go there
the evening.

F. I am visiting my grandma

G. That's okay. The film starts
eight o'clock.

H. I can pick you up
half seven. How long does the film last?

I. It lasts
two hours and forty-five minutes.

eight a quarter eleven.

K. That's right. But I must hurry home
the film.

L. I have to be home
eleven o'clock.

domanda 4

EXIT TEST 2 - Complete each sentence using a time prepositions.

A. This Christmas, we can't come to London, but Christmas, we certainly will.

B. I saw Dave two hours
. He came in to get his books.

C. I usually go to the gym

D. Helen moved to the city
year. She loves it here.

your sister gets home, tell her I want to speak to her immediately.

F. The pizza isn't ready yet. It will be ready
about 30 minutes.

G. I can't see you
the week because I have to go to bed very early.

H. The accident happened
about seven o'clock in the evening.