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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

question 1

Fill in AT, ON or IN

A. The headquarters of the United Nations is New York

B. In the most countries people drive
the right.

C. I usually buy a newspaper
my way to work.

D. Last year we had a lovely skiing holiday
the Swiss Alps.

E. San Francisco is
the west coast of the United States.

F. She spends most of the day sitting
the window.

G. The report about the accident was
he front page of the newspaper.

H. In the theatre we had seats
the front row.

I. Write the name and address
the front page of the envelope.

J. It's dangerous to play football
the streets.

K. I'll meet you
the corner of the street at 10.

L. We got stuck in a traffic jam
the way to the airport.

M. Look at the horses
that field.

the end of the street is a path to our house.

O. Do you want sugar
your coffee

P. Her brother lives
a small town the south coast of Spain.

Q. The sports results are
the back page of the paper.

R. They got married

S. Vienna is
the river Danube.

T. His office is
the third floor.

question 2

Fill in AT, ON, IN, TO or BY

A. We decided not to go car.

B. She studied
Paris for two weeks.

C. The exhibition
the art gallery finished last Sunday.

D. I saw Ken
Dave's wedding.

E. Linda is a student
Cambridge University.

F. After some years he arrived back

G. The train arrives
platform 3.

H. What time did you arrive
the hotel?

I. Turn left
the traffic lights.

J. When are you going

K. He was tired and went

L. The train stopped
every station.

question 3

Fill in AT, ON, IN, TO, INTO or BY

A. I must go the bank today to change money.

B. He has just returned

C. She arrived
the airport at 6.

D. Have you ever been

E. They got
the car and drove off.

F. We drove
the party Tom's car.

G. Get
the train. It's going to leave.

H. The man chased by the police ran
the shop.

I. The bird flew
the room through the window.

J. He has never been
a football match.

K. We usually go to work

L. We drove
the cinema a taxi.

M. They like to travel

N. Does the train stop

O. What time did you arrive