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At the end of the quiz, push the buttom CHECK

domanda 1

Choose the right alternative

A. Opera boring.

B. Beer

C. My massage

D. Fireworks
giant flowers.

E. Tom
his dog barking.

F. This soap

G. You
your sister.

H. Can you
my bag for me?

I. The sand

J. The scenery

K. Cookies

L. My coffee
a little strange.

M. Do you
happy when it snows?

N. Dark chocolate often

O. These flowers smell

P. The laundry
dry now. Let's bring it in.

Q. Her new car
a spaceship!

R. They all
fun guys.

domanda 2

Fill each gap with the appropriate verb in the correct form.

A. Ingrid really Greek but actually she's from Germany.

B. What's for lunch, I wonder? Hmmm. It
fish and chips.

C. Can you hear that? It
a cat on heat.

D. Yeah. That
a good idea to me.

E. It's clouding over. It

F. It's time to change the bag. The bin

G. She
very friendly.

H. She
a nice person.

I. The jacket

J. It
wool and it wool but really it isn't.

L. It
real fur but it's artificial which means no animals had to be killed.

M. Blimely! Where's that dreadful pong coming from? It
rotten eggs.

N. Slurp. This soup
delicious. You must give me the recipe.

O. Someone's been sitting in this chair before me. It

P. This song

Q. Customer: This coffee
Waiter: Well, it was only ground this morning.