Reported Speech in the present - B

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question 1

Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note the change of pronouns and verbs.


A. Jill to Tom "I have been to Sydney" Jill tells Tom to Sydney

B. Helen: "My parents went with me". She says that

C. Helen: "We spent three days in London". She says that
in London.

D. Helen: "I saw people of all colours." She says that

E. Helen: "Me and my parents visited the Tower". She says that
the Tower.

F. Helen: "One evening we went to see a musical". She says that
a musical.

G. Helen: "I love London". She says that

question 2


A. Nelly: "Help Peter's sister." Nelly is asking me .

B. Teacher: "Don't forget your homework." The teacher is warning us

C. Anna: "Open the window." Anna is asking

D. John to Bob: " Could you lend me your car?" John is asking Bob

E. Ben: "Come home at 8." Ben is ordering

question 3


A. Andrew: "Will Mandy have lunch with Sue?" Andrew asks me .

B. Mandy: "Can I help you?" Mandy asks me

C. Sandy: "Have you been waiting for me?" - Sandy is asking

D. Elisabeth: "Did you go to the cinema?" Elisabeth asks me

E. Max: "Are you there?" - Max is asking me

question 4


A. Frank to us: "Where are you from?" - Frank is asking us .

B. Greg: " How tall are you guys? - Greg is asking us

C. Pat: "Where has Luca been?" - Pat is asking

D. Jack: "When did they go there?" - Jack is asking

E. Lisa: "How long did it take you?" - Lisa is asking

question 5


A. Marcel: "Don't sing that song." Marcel is saying .

B. Dorothy to us: "Did you see her yesterday?" - Dorothy is asking us

C. Jason to me: "Who gave you the book yesterday?" - Jason is asking

D. Yvonne: "Don't talk to your neighbour." - Yvonne always tells me

E. Tom: "Dance with me." - Tom is asking

F. John to Bob: " Could you lend me your car?" - John is asking Bob

G. Dorian: "Is Jane ok?" - Dorian is asking