Reported Speech in the present - A

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question 1

Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note the change of pronouns and verbs.


A. Helen: "I want to tell you something about my holiday in London". She says that something about in London.

B. Helen: "I went to London in July". She says that
in July.

C. Helen: "The people are so nice there". She says that

D. Jessica : "You are so nice to me!" . Jessica always tells me

E. Kate to Tim: "I'm working for a photographic agency" Kate tells Tim
a photographic agency

F. Mary: "I will eat steak for dinner" Mary says
steak for dinner.

question 2


A. Jana: "Don't go to the cinema." Jana is suggesting me .

B. Teacher: "Do your homework." The teacher is telling me

C. Andrew: "Clean the blue bike." Andrew is asking

D. Karen: "Don't play football in the garden." Karen is asking

E. Dominique: "Don't ring Romy on Sunday." Dominique is asking

F. Jessica: "Write a letter." Jessica is ordering

question 3


A. Peter: "Did you guys see her yesterday? - Peter asks .

B. Paul: "What have they been doing?" - Paul asks what they have been doing.

C. John: "Are you tired?" - John is asking

D. Christopher: "Does she want to dance?" Christopher asks

E. Mark: "Has John arrived?" Mark asks me

question 4


A. Betty: "When did you come?" Betty is asking asks me .

B. Ronald: "Where does Maria park her car?" Ronald asks me
her car.

C. Janet: "How old are you?" - Janet is asking me

D. Alicia to Janet: "Where did you go yesterday?" - Alicia is asking Janet

E. Cora: "How old are you?" - Cora is asking

question 5


A. John to Melanie: "How are you?" - John asks Melanie .

B. Denise: "Don't open this door." - Denise is saying

C. Ben: "Have you ever been abroad?" - Ben asks

D. Sabine: "Meet Sandy at the station." - Sabine is saying

E. Justin: "What are you doing?" - Justin asks me

F. Mike: "Don't shout at Peter." - Mike is saying

G. Kevin to Andrew: "Are you ready?" - Kevin is asking Andrew