Reported Speech in the past - A

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question 1

Choose the right alternative.

A. He said that he meet us the following day

B. We told him that we

C. She said that she
to the dentist

D. Julie asked me if she
my car yesterday

E. The police officer ordered us to stop the car

F. My mother asked to me
for lunch

question 2

Complete the sentences with the reported speech


A. John: "Mandy is at home." John said that .

B. Max: "I often read a book." Max told me that

C. Susan: "I'm watching TV." Susan said that

D. Simon: "David was ill." Simon said that

E. Stephen and Claire: "We have cleaned the windows." Stephen and Claire told me that

F. Charles: "I didn't have time to do my homework." Charles remarked that

G. Mr Jones: "My mother will be 50 years old." Mr Jones told me that
50 years old.

H. David: "John had already gone at six." - David said that

question 3


A. Mandy: "Are you reading that book now?"
Yesterday Mandy asked me

B. Debra: "Could you please take me home?"
Debra asked me

C. Jason: "Who gave you the book yesterday?"
Yesterday Jason asked me

D. Robert: "Are you leaving next Friday?"
Yesterday Robert asked me if

E. Don't go to the party without me!
She ordered

F. Daniel: "Do you think it will rain tomorrow?"
Yesterday Daniel asked me

question 4


A. "Did you forget to take the dog for a walk?" said Annie. - Annie asked me to take the dog for a walk.

B. "Can you dance the tango?" Pat asked - Pat asked

C. "Do you often go to the theatre?" Beth asked. - Beth asked

D. "What are you guys doing tonight?" asked Mark. - Mark asked

E. "I'm leaving tomorrow" Greg said. - Greg said

F. "I arrived three days ago" Sarah said. - Sarah said she