Reflexive pronouns

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question 1

Choose the suitable reflexive pronoun

A. No one is going to help us, so we'll have to do it .

B. Veronica always cuts her hair
, and it always looks great.

C. Robert
is quite friendly, but the rest of his family is very cold.

D. Did you know that the Morrises built their house

E. I don't trust anyone else to do my accounts; I always do them

F. I got to see the gardens, but the palace
was closed.

question 2


A. Mary bought a book and taught to play the guitar.

B. John fell and hurt

C. The computer will turn
off if you don't use it.

D. We looked at
in the mirror to check our makeup.

E. Don't pay any attention to
: he always complains.

F. How much time do you give
to drive to work?

G. June can't afford to buy
a new car, so her dad's going to buy one for .

H. I saw Mary five minutes ago and she was happy. Who gave
those lovely flowers?

I. It hurt
when I realized Kim wasn't going to phone me.

question 3

"In persona", "se stesso" o "da solo" ? Always use BY if it is possible

A. Robert made this T-shirt .

B. Lisa did the homework

C. We helped
to some cola at the party.

D. Emma, did you take the photo all

E. I wrote this poem

F. He cut
with the knife while he was washing the dishes.

G. The lion can defend

H. My mother often talks to

I. Tim and Jerry, if you want some milk, help

J. Alice and Doris collected the stickers