Reciprocal pronouns

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domanda 1

Reciprocal or reflexive? Choose the right alternative.

A. Hilary and June write to every week.

B. Agnes and Pat have bought
a flat in Rome.

C. Do you and your wife tell

D. You will all need photos of
for your membership card.

E. We've promised
to telephone if one of us is going to be late home.

F. We've decided to give
a really nice holiday this year.

domanda 2


A. The pop star attended the wedding ceremony, as she had promised.

B. I sent
a letter, but she hasn't replied to yet.

C. We send letters to
regularly. I get on very well with . She's, in fact, my best friend.

D. Judy, John and I looked at
in amazement, but we didn't say anything.

E. Make
at home, John. I'll be right back.

F. Chris and I have known
since we were kids. We even were at school together.

G. I made a fool of
by saying that stupid thing.

H. When you see your sister, give my regards to
, please.

I. That girl never controls

J. My son and my daughter are very fond of

K. I think you and I have learned a lot about
in this session.

L. He looked
in the mirror.

M. I painted the house all

N. Jenny and Terry wrote
for a long time.

O. All the members of the family looked

P. We promised
a good holiday next year.

Q. The door seemed to open all

R. We prepared
for the long journey ahead.

S. Nathalie and I have known
for years.

T. I can't carry anything else. This box
must weigh a hundred pounds!

U. Let's get
some ice cream