Personal pronouns - OBJECTS

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domanda 1

Choose the right object pronoun in the following sentences.

A. I can't see Mary. Can you see ?

B. Karen is next to Peter. Karen likes
a lot.

C. Can you help Peter and Ann? Can you help

D. Drink your apple juice! Drink

E. We are going to the cinema. Come with

F. These are my bananas. You can't eat

G. Carol is at school. She can't come to the party with

H. The cat is under the chair. Can you see

I. Dave can't swim. Help

J. It's Kate's birthday today. This is a present for

K. Where are you? I can't see

L. The windows are opened. Close

M. I can't ride a horse. Help

domanda 2

Fill in the right object pronoun

A. Listen to ! He is singing.

B. These tourists can't speak French. Help

C. Don't talk to
! I am working.

D. Do you want to come with
? We're meeting some friends.

E. Look at
! She is dancing.

F. I'm looking for my children. I can't find

G. My sister and I are going to play football. Come with

H. Your father is talking to you. Listen to

I. Mary lives with her parents. She doesn't want to leave

J. I'm going to the park. Come with

K. Look at
, he's studying.

L. I like studying with
. He is very nice.

M. John lives with his friends. He likes staying with

domanda 3

EXIT TEST - Fill in the right personal pronoun (SUBJECT or OBJECT).

A. I'm looking for my children. Where are ?

B. Do you have a sister?
do. Her name is Sara and is 16 years old.

A. Does Peter like basketball?
doesn't. He hates it.

B. Is this your football?
isn't. haven't got one.

C. Whose bicycle is this?
I think
's Harold's.

D. Do you like horror films?
love . I think are great.

E. Is your mother pretty?
is. has got brown eyes and her hair is long and red.

F. Mary is new here. Does
like her new school?

G. I have never seen your car. What colour is

H. Is Margaret all right? How is

I. Our children like going to the cinema.
love it.

J. Can I talk to you and your friends for a minute? I have to tell
something important.

K. Jennifer must be informed about the problem. We must talk to

L. Your father and I would like to come with you.
really want to.

M. They showed Mary and me our seats and then they took