At the end of the quiz, push the buttom CHECK

question 1

Transform into the 3rd person singular. E.g.: Get - gets

A. Take -

B. Carry -

C. Become -

D. Fly -

E. Ask -

F. Agree -

G. Say -

H. Push -

I. Wash -

J. Fax -

K. Mix -

L. Pass -

M. Buy -

N. Miss -

O. Catch -

P. Teach -

Q. Go -

R. Undo -

S. Approach -

T. Echo -

U. Know -

V. Attend -

W. Fetch -

X. Obey -

Y. Begin -

Z. Finish -

AA. Press -

BB. Coax -

CC. Flash -

DD. Relax -

EE. Cross -

FF. Forego -

GG. Reply -

HH. Delay -

II. Revolve -

JJ. Hurry -

question 2

AFFIRMATIVE sentences - Fill in the right form of the verb in brackets

A. I in a bank. (work)

B. She
in Florida. (live)

C. It
almost every day in Manchester. (rain)

D. We
to Spain every summer. (fly)

E. My mother
eggs for breakfast every morning. (fry)

F. The bank
at four o'clock. (close)

G. John
very hard in class, but I don't think he'll pass the course. (try)

H. Jo is so smart that she
every exam without even trying. (pass)

I. Our life is so boring -- We just
TV every night. (watch)

K. My best friend
to me every week. (write)

question 3

INTERROGATIVE sentences - Fill in the right form of the verb in brackets
E.g. : ……………. your parents every day? (you/ call) - Do you call…?

A. to school? (you/walk)

a sandwich in the morning? (Ronda/have)

parrots? (your father/like)

a room with her sister? (Wendy/ share)

a lot in England? (it/ rain)

sports after school? (your brother /play)

camping in summer? (Susan / go)

home every week? (they/ write)

at the bus stop at 8 o'clock ? (you/ wait)

early in the mornings? (he/ get up)

K. Where
the Masons buy their fruit?What the children wear at your school?

M. Where
Sam and Ben hide their CDs?

Mrs Miller read magazines?

the boys play cricket outside?

P. What
Sandra sell?

Q. Where
your grandparents live?

Brenda and Henry bake muffins for their party?

Mr Smith teach English?

T. What
you have for lunch, Lisa?

the children learn to cook at school?

question 4

NEGATIVE sentences - Eg.: Peter works in a shop, but he _DOESN'T__ work in an office.

A. My mother likes chocolate, but she like biscuits.

B. Lynn's father watches badminton on TV, but he
watch judo.

the cat like to sleep on the sofa?

D. Dogs love bones, but they
love cheese.

E. We eat pizza, but we
eat hamburgers.

F. The girls love tennis, but they
love riding.

G. Mr Nelson speaks Spanish, but he
speak German.

H. Max plays tennis, but he
play hockey.

I. Doris and Eric read comics, but they
read books.

question 5

Questions and answers

A. Where does Claire work? in Manchester.

B. Does Chloe know his company? Yes,

C. What do they sell?

D. Does Michael know Sara Cooper? No,

E. Which company does Sara work for?
ABC Computers.

question 6

Short answers

A. Has Susanne got a dictionary? Yes, .

B. Are you guys ok? Yes,

C. Do you know the answer? No,

D. Is that your pen? Yes,

E. Have your friends got any diet coke? Yes,

F. Does Debra work on Sundays? No,

G. Do you guys know if John is ill? No,