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domanda 1

Complete the senteces with the right form of the present perfect.

A. Karen me an e-mail. (to send)

B. Dave and Pat
the museum. (to visit)

C. I
at the pet shop. (to be)

D. They
already their rucksacks. (to pack)

E. Marcus
an accident. (to have)

F. We
the shopping for our grandmother. (to do)

G. I
just my bike. (to clean)

H. Emily
her room. (to paint)

I. Lisa and Colin
to a concert. (to go)

J. My friends
smoking. (to give up)

domanda 2

A. I that movie twenty times. (to see)

B. I think I
him once before. (to meet)

C. There
many earthquakes in California. (to be)

D. People
to the Moon. (to travel)

E. People
to Mars. (not travel)

you the book yet? (to read)

G. Nobody
ever that mountain. (to climb)

H. A:
there ever a war in the United States? (to be)
B: Yes, there
a war in the United States (to be)

domanda 3

Make questions in the present tense form with the prompts.
You / be / to London - Have you been to London?

A. you / answer / the question - ?

B. Jenny / lock / the door -

C. Walter / call / us -

D. you / see / the picture -

E. your parents / get / the letter -

F. it / rain / a lot -

G. how often / we / sing / the song -

H. Maureen / watch / the film -

I. how many books / Bob / read -

J. ever / you / be / to London ? -