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question 1

Present Perfect SIMPLE or CONTINUOUS ? - Choose the right alternative

A. I'm very hungry. I all day.

B. Their new kitchen looks fantastic. They

C. Our kitchen's a mess. We
any cleaning for weeks.

D. I think they are dating. They
a lot of each other recently.

E. 5. We've discovered this great café and we
there a lot.

F. How's your Mum? I
her for ages.

G. You're covered in paint! What

H. She's gone to the doctor's. She
too well lately.

I. Where have you been? I
for ages.

J. I have to write an essay. I (write)
about half of it so far.

question 2

Fill in the right verb form: PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE or CONTINUOUS

JANE: (A. you / take) the dog for a walk yet?

(B. work) all day. I (B. come) home from work and I (C. not / have) the time yet to walk the dog.

JANE: How long has the dog been home alone? (D. be)

TIM: For about 6 hours. You
(E. walk) the dog for a long time. Don't you want to go?

JANE: Well, I
about (F. to lazy) all day either, you know. I have a very important meeting tomorrow and I still (G. to finish) my presentation.

TIM: Okay, I will go then. Where
(H. put) collar and leash?

JANE: They are in the kitchen. By the way,
(I. you/eat) anything yet? If not, could you get us something from the supermarket?

question 3

Fill in the right verb form: use either the PRESENT PERFECT or the PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS

A. Where's Peter?
for work. (just/leave)

B. Why are you tired?
football. (play)

C. Is Paul studying in his room?
Yes, he
since 4:00 pm. (study)

D. I'm going to the cinema.
Again? You
three films this week! (see)

E. Have you finished the book that I lent you?
No, I
it yet. (finish)

F. How is Jim?
I don't know. I
to him since Monday. (not/speak)

question 4

Complete the text with the PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE or the PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS of the verbs

ROBIN: I think the waiter (A. forget) us. We (B. wait) here for over half an hour and nobody (C. take) our order yet.

MICHELE: I think you're right. He (D. walk)
by us at least twenty times. He probably thinks we (E. order, already) .

ROBIN: Look at that couple over there, they (F. be, only)
here for five or ten minutes and they already have their food.

MICHELE: He must realize we (G. order, not)
yet! We (H. sit) here for over half an hour staring at him.

ROBIN: I don't know if he (I. notice, even)
us. He (J. run) from table to table taking orders and serving food.

MICHELE: That's true, and he (K. look, not)
in our direction once.