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At the end of the quiz, push the buttom CHECK

domanda 1

Put the verbs in brackets in the PRESENT CONTINUOUS form.

A. Andrew in the country. (not / live)

B. How long
this car? (your grandparents / drive)

C. They
. (not / cycle)

D. My brother
hard enough. (not / study)

E. I
my homework. (not / do)

the whole morning? (to sleep / you)

G. Max
this book. (not/ read)

H. How long
French? (they / learn)

I. I
for two months now. (not / drive)

the whole morning? (she / walk)

domanda 2

A. Who in the garden? (dig)

B. It
much here . (not/ rain)

C. How long
this earring? (you / wear)

D. Marie
in her diary. (not/ write)

E. She
tennis for half an hour now. (to play)

F. Tony
this book, but Mary has. (not/ read)

on the blue car? (Andy / work)

H. How long
for a home? (they / look)

I. The children
outside all afternoon. (play)

all night? (Liz / work)

K. The actors
all day. They only had a short break at lunchtime (rehearse).

L. That dog
all night. (bark)