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   Domanda 1   
Choose the right prefix

A. pick

B. fraud

C. legal

D. even

E. offensive

F. large

G. brace

H. theist

I. dicate

J. complete

K. regular

L. advantage

M. connect

N. fortune

O. understanding

P. perform

Q. cast

R. marine

S. lieutenant

T. african

U. pose

V. ject

W. biotic

X. climax

Y. artic

Z. clockwise

AA. ceptive

BB. part

CC. paid card

DD. cooked

EE. pone

FF. script

GG. national

HH. marry

II. atlantic

JJ. late

KK. marital

LL. biography

MM. wind

NN. paint

OO. form

PP. cycle

QQ. national

RR. gon

SS. gamy

TT. courage

UU. play

VV. certain

WW. direct

XX. behave

YY. wrap

ZZ. name

AAA. afraid

BBB. moral

   Domanda 2   
By using the right prefix, write the word corresponding to the definition

A. no longer used - used again - open

C. judge wrongly - judge

D. before birth - natal

E. not approve - approve

F. not responsible - responsible

G. not accurate - accurate

H. not natural - natural

I. not satisfy - satisfy

J. not moral - moral

K. against society - social

L. to join things together - link

M. not to trust someone - trust

N. not proper - proper again - read

P.before the war - war

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