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   Domanda 1   
Write the opposite corresponding to the given words

i.e.: not regular - irregular

A. Not hurt - hurt

B. polite

C. happy

D. fair

E. lucky

F. natural

G. tidy

H. friendly

I. important

J. popular

K. intelligent

L. kind

M. advantage

N. obedient

O. honest

P. similar

Q. separable

R. complete

S. efficient

T. sensitive

U. formal

V. possible

W. patient

X. regular

Y. rational

Z. legal

AA. legible

BB. logical

CC. proper

DD. helpful

EE. mature

   Domanda 2   
Add prefixes to make the following words opposite in meaning wrap agree satisfy trust do appear approve fold honour mute connect pack

   Domanda 3   
Change either the PREFIX or the SUFFIX of the following words to form an antonym

A.minimum -

B.careful -

C.emigrant -

D.ascent -

E.interior - -

G.painful -

H.absent -

I.sensible -

J.increase -

K.harmful -

L.encourage -

M.meaningful -

N.enclose -

O.useful -


Find the opposite of the following words.

i.e. dark - bright

P.solid -

Q.question -

R.war -

S.valley -

T.arrival -

U.danger -

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