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question 1

Decide whether each verb is normally stative or dynamic.

A. Seem -

B. Read -

C. Paint -

D. Believe -

E. Know -

F. Smell -

G. Change -

H. Enjoy -

I. Remember -

J. Understand -

K. Prefer -

L. Jump -

M. Want -

N. Meet -

O. Love -

P. See -

Q. Look -

question 2

Choose the right alternative

A. Sue tennis every Tuesday. She with John today, a man she from work.

D. Mohammed
two different houses. He to live in his house by the sea when the weather is good, but in the winter he to live in the city. Now he the sun at the seaside.

H. She
to be a lawyer, so she law at university.

J. I
. They very confusing. I them, because they me crazy!

N. I
you well, but I to go home at once.

Q. I
my past days at school: they were so awful, I really to forget them!

question 3

LOOK, SEE or WATCH ? - Choose the right alternative

A. He has to a doctor. That rash on his foot is getting worse.

B. Have you
Tim this morning? I've been looking for him everywhere.

C. Our babysitter
us when my parents want a night out together.

D. I love
at our wedding album. It was such a wonderful day!

E. She
at several blouses before buying one.

F. I can't
very well without glasses, so I'm thinking about Lasik surgery to correct my vision problems.

G. The children were allowed to
two television programs before bed.

H. You should have
this coming! He was only after your money, and everyone told you that. You shouldn't be so surprised!

I. Employee: I'm sorry, Sir. I wasn't able to finish the reports last night.
Boss: I
. So, do you think you'll have time to finish them today?

J. Did you
him punch the boss? I didn't, but I heard all about it.