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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

domanda 1

Fill in the right pronoun.

A. Marco's book is interesting, but I think the one I'm reading is much better than .

B. My gym suit is not comfortable. Can you lend me

C. Silvia likes cooking. She prefers to use her own kitchen, but when she is with us, she uses

D. My garden is the one on the corner. The dog inside is
, too.

E. Andrea and Giorgia are very good basket players. This ball is certainly

F. Remember: my house is your house and everything is
is , too.

G. Giulia comes here to go horse-riding and I think that horse there is

H. I like your paintings: I think
are the best I've ever seen!

I. Michela doesn't like dresses: I don't think these dresses are

J. Simone plays the guitar, but this is not
: I think it's Peter's.

K. I get angry when my brothers puts on my pullovers! Why can't he wear his?

L. It's Luca who's got a lot of friends and those friends are

M. We aren't writing a book on our trip to California:
are just some notes about it.

N. You have such nice friends; I like my friends very much, but I think
are so funny!

O. Lucia always has a lot of homework to do: my homework is never as much as

P. We aren't having just conversations with Johnny:
are real French classes.