domanda 1

Write the plural forms of the following singular nouns

A. Chair -

B. shoe -

C. dish -

D. room -

E. box -

F. loaf -

G. potato -

H. wall -

I. toy -

J. bench -

K. table -

L. address -

M. lady -

N. bus -

O. brush -

P. restaurant -

Q. radio -

R. boy -

S. scarf -

T. match -

U. egg -

V. strawberry -

W. shelf -

X. tomato -

Y. toy -

domanda 2


A. I've lived in America I was five years old.

B. I lived in America
I was five years old.

C. He said he would be away

D. I've been married
five years now.

E. Mom and Dad have gone away
a few days.

F. Wait here
I come back.

G. I stayed up
three in the morning.

H. It has been raining
he arrived.

I. I have been studying
half an hour.

J. I have been away
five p.m.

K. I am going on a holiday
three weeks. Can you feed my cat?

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