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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

question 1

Decide whether the phrasal expressions are Correct or Incorrect
e.g. Can you go to the store before we run milk out of ? (incorrect)

A. Hang there in. I'm sure you'll find a job very soon.

B. I got up early today to study for my test.

C. When I was young, we went without winter boots.

D. We got from our vacation last week back.

E. I handed down my old comic books to my little cousin.

F. We are going the best soccer team in the city against tonight.

G. When Jack grows up he want to be a clerk.

H. They were giving out free candies at the supermarket.

I. I left school and I go back home.

J. We're getting together to a party.

K. We're going for lunch out.

L. She didn't say goodbye before she hang up.

M. Liz finally got back her Science notes from my room-mate.

N. My daisies grew back this winter.

O. I have to give this book to Charles back.

P. I went out with my friends last night.

Q. I'm going to freeze out here if you don't let me get on the bus.

R. I heard on TV that the thieves held up the bank.

S. I have to put the family together before the new year.

T. I'm looking for a job.

U. I have to look my little sister after.

V. Please hold in the waiting room on.

W. I'm making me up for the party.

X. I'm sorry, I ran you over.

Y. We're looking the price of the bag into.

Z. I mixed up the notebooks teacher, I'm sorry!

question 2

A. If you keep these results up you will get promoted.

B. Jack made up a story about our friendship.

C. We are putting off our trip until May.

D. I'm picking up a scarf for my mother.

E. Can you look my test over?

F. Can you let the dog before you go out in?

G. Can you keep the cat of the living room out?

H. Today I woke up early.

I. My plane take in ten minutes off.

J. Switch off the monitor!

K. Turn the light on!

L. I was thinking on my childhood back.

M. Can I turn the music up?

N. My mail sent back to me because there was a mistake.

O. Can you take the rubbish out?

P. We ran of shampoo out so I had to wash my hair with only water.

Q. Turn up the music! The child is sleeping!

R. Switch on the radio, please!

S. I want try on this t-shirt.

T. The child ran from home away.

U. I have to take my mobile back because it doesn't switch on.

V. If you want I switch the TV off.

question 3

Choose the right particle to complete the phrasal verb

A. The form must be filled in capital letters.

B. I have to drop my mother
at home before I come over.

C. My mother cut
while I was singing.

D. We'd like get
for a week in America.

E. She cuts some news
from the newspaper.

F. Marco is counting
Silvia to dinner and a movie.

G. The picture fell
yesterday morning.

H. The power company cut
the light because we didn't pay the bill.

I. Valeria cut the lamp
and she broke it.

J. Lorenzo gots
from his holiday last month.

K. Please hold
while I call my parents.

L. My letter got sent
to me because I wrote the wrong address.

M. Let' s get
for the Unicef this weekend.

N. Can you let the newspaper
before you go to school?

O. Can you switch
the monitor?

P. He has to go
home because his mom has a problem.

Q. Paul mixed
two English songs.

R. When he thought
your birthday, it was too late.

S. Patrizia gives
a new book all Friday.

T. Albert mades
a story about a new superhero.

U. The plane for NYC takes
in ten minutes.

V. Alessandro gets
early for the school.

question 4

A. My sister makes himself for the party.

B. My father wakes
early sometimes in the week.

C. Danilo is going
with yours friends.

D. A man in a black mask held the jewelry
this week.

E. The boy run
from school and go back home.

F. I am giving
free chocolate at the shop.

G. My sister's looking
a white dress for the birthday.

H. Can I turn
the tv?

I. Hang
there. I' sure you'll find a treasure very soon.

J. We are putting
the trip because there is bad weather.

K. I'll try these T-shirt
because like me.

L. His hair grew
this winter.

M. Thanks for buying my book. I'll pay you
this Monday.

N. Can you take the dog
to the park for me?

O. When Christian grows
he wants to be a engineer.

P. I am going to look
the origins of my family.

Q. Please turn the tv
while I have to study.

R. We are going
the red team.

S. Try to keep the wet cat
of the kitchen.

T. Can you switch
the computer?

U. I handed my videogames
to my friend.

question 5

Fill in the right phrasal verbs

A. If you want to a bus in London, you will have to queue. (step onto a vehicle)

B. Can I
the TV? I want to watch the weather forecast. (switch on)

C. It is so dark in here, you can really
your sunglasses now. (remove something)

D. Who will
your cat when you're on holiday? (take care of)

E. Let's
for a BBQ this weekend. (meet)

F. I have to
home and get my lunch. (return to a place)

G. My roses
this summer. (regrew)

H. I
my old comic books to my little cousin. (gave something used to someone else)

I. I
early today to study for my exam. (got out of bed)

J. You should
and give the elderly man your seat. (stand)

K. The library was
old book on Friday. (giving something to someone for free)

L. We are
the best soccer team in the city tonight. (competing)

M. We're
for dinner tonight. (leaving home to go on a social event)

N. When Jack
he wants to be a fireman. (become an adult)

there. I'm sure you'll find a job very soon. (stay positive)

P. When I was young, we
winter boots. (suffered lack or deprivation)

Q. They were
free perfume samples at the shop. (giving to many people)

R. Jane has been
Luke since they met last winter. (dating)

S. He didn't say goodbay before he
. (ended a phone call)

T. I have to
these skates to franz before his hockey game. (return a borrowed item)

U. I
the twins' names again! (confused two or more things)

V. I accidentally
your bicycle in the driveway. (drove a vehicle over a person or thing)

W. We are
our trip until January because of the hurricane. (postponing)

X. My sister
me for my graduation party. (applied cosmetics to)

Y. Thanks for buying my ticket. I'll
you on Friday. (return owed money)

Z. Can you
my essay for spelling mistakes? (check, examine)

question 6

A. Can you the cat before you go to school? (allow to enter)

B. Try to
the wet dog of the living room. (stop from entering)

C. Please
while I transfer you to the Sales Department. (wait a short time)

D. A man in a black mask
the bank this morning. (robbed)

E. If you
those results you will get into a great college. (continue at the same rate)

F. I'm
a red dress for the wedding. (trying to find)

G. Josie
a story about why we were late. (invented something)

H. That bully will
being mean to my little brother. (be punished for doing something bad)

I. We are going to
the price of snowboards today. (investigate)

J. I
three sweaters for you to try on. (chose)

K. I have to
the crib before the baby arrives. (assemble)

L. The child
from home and has been missing for three days. (left unexpectedly, escape)

M. My letter got
to me because I used the wrong stamp. (returned)

N. The light's too bright. Could you
it ? (turn off)

O. When I
on my youth, I wish I had studied harder. (remember)

P. We have to
early for work on Monday. (stop sleeping)

Q. Can you
the music ? This is my favorite song. (increase the volume or strength)

R. We heard the news as soon as we
the car radio. (started the energy flow, turned on)

S. Can you
the garbage to the street for me? (remove from a place or thing)

T. Please
the TV while the guests are here. (decrease the volume or strength)

U. We
of shampoo so I had to wash my hair with soap. (had none left)

V. I have to
our new TV because it doesn't work. (return an item)

W. My plane
in five minutes. (start to fly)

X. I'm going to
this jeans , but I don't think they will fit. (sample clothing)

Y. Your mother wants you to
the TV and come for dinner. (stop the energy flow, switch off)