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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

domanda 1

Decide whether the phrasal expressions are Correct or Incorrect
e.g. Can you go to the store before we run milk out of. (incorrect)

A. I'll ask her out.

B. I have no idea, but I'll ask at work around and see if anyone can help.

C. It is nice of you to back me up.

D. The talks between management and the unions broke acrimoniously down.

E. It's time to break up.

F. The gulf war broke on January 16h 1991 out.

G. I don't want to bring you down, but I want a divorce!

H. I called around but she wasn't in.

I. I must call her back when we get to the office.

J. The Opposition party called the minister's resignation on after the scandal broke.

K. Give me your phone number and I will call you up when we are in town.

L. For security reasons you have to check hours before your flight in.

M. Is Mr. Blair still at the hotel? No, he checked out this morning.

N. Everybody chipped in to pay the bill.

O. Clean this bedroom up; it's a disgrace.

P. It came apart when I tried to lift it off the floor and I had to glue it back together.

Q. This necklace comes Egypt from.

R. I'm counting on the taxi driver to find the theatre.

domanda 2

A. You eat too much fat. You need to cut down.

B. She suddenly cut in and delivered the news.

C. The telephone's been cut off because we didn't pay the bill.

D. He cut his finger off in an industrial accident.

E. She cut a picture out in a magazine.

F. Do people dress up to go to the opera in your country?

G. I'll drop you off at the bus stop if you like.

H. She decided to go to art school then dropped after the first term out.

I. They eat out once a week.

J. I slipped on the ice and fell down.

K. I filled in the application form and posted it off.

L. Please fill out the enclosed form and return it as soon as possible.

M. You will never find all my secrets out!

N. The robbers got in a black car away.

domanda 3

Choose the right particle to complete the phrasal verbs

A. My girlfriend and I broke .

B. The teacher call
her for a question.

C. Pier come

D. I got
in Hawaii last summer with Christian.

E. You must clean
your badroom.

F. Yesterday she dressed
for the party.

G. Your car broke
when you are in holiday.

H. I call
but nobady can go out with me.

I. Jack find
a treasure in America.

J. My parents this evening eat

K. You will get the tickets for the plane when you check

L. Enzo drops
Battaglini because it's too difficult.

M. I called you
yesterday evening.

N. Nothing brings me

O. I called you
last Friday night, but you didn't answer me.

P. Sabrina should break
of jail.

Q. Mika asked Claudia
to her birthday party.

R. Chiara'd like chip
Silvio in Latin.

S. I checked
the Hilton hotel last Friday night.

T. I asked
for my mobile phone.

U. I'll have to back
my car so that he can get out.

domanda 4

Fill in the right phrasal verb

A. Brian Judy to dinner and a movie. (invite on a date)

B. Our car
at the side of the highway. (stop functioning)

C. This sad music in
me . (make unhappy)

D. We will get the hotel keys when we
. (arrive and register at a hotel or airport)

E. We
but we didn't find the car part we needed. (phoned many different place/people)

F. You have to
of the hotel before 11:00 A.M. (leave a hotel)

G. I
but nobody has seen my wallet. (asked many people the same question)

H. My boyfriend and I
before I moved to America. (ended a relationship)

I. You'll have to
your car so that I can get out. (reverse)

J. The prisoners
of jail when the guards weren't looking. (escaped)

K. The professor
me for question 1. (ask for an answer or opinion)

L. Give me your phone number and I will
you when we are in town. (phone)

M. I
the company but the office were closed. (returned a phone call)

N. Please
your bedroom before you go outside. (tidy, clean)

O. We don't know were he lives. How can we
? (discover)

P. We worked so hard this year that we had to
for a week. (go on a vacation)

Q. The top and bottom
if you pull hard enough. (separate)

R. We had to
the old tree in our yard after the storm. (make something fall to the ground)

domanda 5

A. Please the form with your name and address. (to write information in blanks)

B. The art of origami
Asia. (originate in)

C. It's a fancy restaurant so we have to
. (wear nice clothing)

D. The form must be
in capital letters. (writed information in blanks)

E. I
of Science because it was too difficult. (quitted a class, school etc.)

F. I
this ad of newspaper. (remove part of something)

G. The picture that you hung up last night
today. (fell to the ground)

H. We tried to keep the party a secret, but Sam
it . (discovered)

I. The phone company
our phone because we didn't pay the bill. (stop providing)

J. The bus driver got angry when that car
. (pull in too closely in front of another vehicle)

K. I am
you to make dinner while I am out. (relying on)

L. I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's
. (eat at a restaurant)

M. Your father
while I was dancing with your uncle. (interrupt)

N. The doctor
his leg because it was severely injured. (remove with something sharp)

O. I have to
my sister at work before I come over. (take someone/something somewhere and leave them/it there)

P. Liz finally
her Science notes from my room-mate. (received something you had before)

Q. We
from our vacation last week. (returned)