PAST CONTINUOUS - Intermediate B

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domanda 1

Fill in the past progressive of the verbs in brackets.

A. What when I phoned you? (you do)

B. I
TV (watch)

C. Yesterday at 11.45, I
football. (play)

in Italy when you were born? (your parents live)

E. No, they
in London. My father for the Italian Embassy. (work)

with Maria at the party last night? (your sister dance)

G. Yes, she was. They
all night (dance)

H. Yesterday at 9, I
. (sleep)

I. Why
tennis yesterday? (you play)

J. I
with Paolo . He's very good! (play)

K. At 6, I
English. (study)

domanda 2

Past SIMPLE or past PROGRESSIVE? - Choose the right alternative

A. The ticket inspector my ticket when suddenly a scream.

C. My parents
in London when they in 1989.

E. I didn't know what the teacher
about, but everyone else to understand.

G. Laura
to go to the Olympics. Everything well for her until suddenly she meningitis.

I. The plane
when the engine fire.

domanda 3

Past SIMPLE or past PROGRESSIVE? Fill in the right verb form of the verb in brackets.

Fill in with the right form of the verbs in brackets

A. While the teacher
(write) on the board, Toby (fall) asleep.

C. Kelly
(have) a shower when her mobile phone (ring).

E. While Lauren
(watch) TV, her dog (eat) her dinner.

G. Somebody
(steal) Dave's clothes while he in the sea.

I. Eric
(hurt) his leg while he (play) football.

K. Erica
(sunbath) in the garden when she (get) a text message.