PAST CONTINUOUS - Intermediate A

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At the end of the quiz, push the buttom CHECK

domanda 1

Fill in the past progressive of the verbs in brackets.

A. I letters all day yesterday. (write)

B. You
very slow about it. (be)

C. You
on the phone for hours and hours. (talk)

D. At 9.30, my friend and I
a film. (watch)

E. They
much business before lunch. (do NEGATIVE)

F. She
to me all week. Silly cow. (speak NEGATIVE)

G. It
for long. (rain NEGATIVE)

H. What
you when I phoned yesterday? (do)

you TV when it happened? (watch)

J. What
you at the party? (wear)

K. At 3.30, my cousins and I
basketball. (play)

L. He
horrible to everyone, the nasty pig! (be)

M. Where
when I saw you this morning? (you go)

N. I
to my friend's house (run). I was late and she for me (wait)

domanda 2

Past SIMPLE or past PROGRESSIVE? - Choose the right alternative

A. At five o'clock it .

B. When John
, I .

D. While Kyoko
lunch, Mari and Junko .

F. The mail
while I the car.

H. While they
for the train, they Sarah.

J. While Michel
the supper, his parents TV.

L. Samuel
in bed when he a noise.

N. Betty
while her sister Cecilia the piano.

P. I
at your door last night, but I think you

R. Gill
a letter while Steve the washing-up.

T. She
the letter when she a noise behind her.

V. This time last Saturday, I
on a beach eating ice cream.

X. While we
, he to cry again.

domanda 3

Past SIMPLE or past PROGRESSIVE? Fill in the right verb form of the verb in brackets.

A. I (to sleep) when the telephone (to ring).

C. While Henry
(to have) lunch, his brother (to call) him.

E. She
(to drive) slowly when the snow (to start) to come down.

G. His friends
(to play) in the garden when the accident (to happen).

K. When John
(to arrive), they (to cook).

M. I
(watch) TV when the lights (go out).

O. Naomi
(wear) her smart new suit and she (carry) her new leather briefcase.

Q. I
(burn) my hand while I (cook) dinner.

S. Ben
(ask) me to go with him to the doctor's, so I (go).

X. The cat
(have) her kittens during the night when everyone (sleep).

Z. He
(ride) a bike when he (saw) the dog.

AB. The man
(climb) through the window just as the policemen (walk) into the room.

AD. Yesterday they
(cook) when the doorbell (ring).

domanda 4

Ex 4 Rewrite the sentences and correct the mistake WHEN NECESSARY.

i.e. While I'm talking to you my brother listens to music in the other room.
While (I'm talking to you) my brother (is listening to music) in the other room.

A. I was writing an email when the phone was ringing.
an email .

C. While Harry was running to school, he was falling and hurt his leg.
to school, .

E. Lucy arrived while Alex and Sue played tennis.
while .

G. Antonio had breakfast, when he had a great idea.
, when .

I. The whole city slept peacefully when the first house caught fire.
peacefully when the first house .