BY or FROM ?
Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

domanda 1

Choose the right preposition.

A. "ET" was directed Steven Spielberg.

B. This is a present
all of us.

C. The TV was invented

D. America was discovered
Christopher Columbus in 1492.

E. Who was the telephone invented

F. The washing up is done

G. You can learn a lot

H. London is visited
tourists everyday.

I. This is a play
Harold Pinter.

J. The window was broken
a ball.

K. You can tell
his face that he doesn't like it.

L. Who will be the party prepared

M. Who is this present

N. These documents are
the 16th century.

O. The ironing is shared
Suzanne and David.

P. With love
me to you

Q. Who was Eiffel tower designed

R. The lunch will be cooked

S. Romeo and Juliet was written
William Shakespeare in 1595.

T. The Parthenon was built
the ancient Greeks in the 5th century BC.

U. Those twins are so alike, that you can't tell one
the other.

V. This is a letter
my brother.

W. What is the name of that song
the Beatles?

X. The Oriental collection was given to Shelby museum
Mrs. Smith in 1998.

Y. The statue was inspired by a fairy tale
a famous Danish writer.