Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

question 1

Choose the correct part of speech for each word.

A. Speak

B. Cat

C. They

D. Beautiful

E. And

F. The

G. Quickly

H. By

I. Oh

question 2

Identify the part of speech of the word in CAPITAL LETTERS in each of the following sentences:

A. I bought a BEAUTIFUL dress at the mall.

B. What did SHE
ask you to do?

C. If we finish our work QUICKLY
we can go to the movies.

D. On Saturdays I WORK
from nine to five.

E. I want to go to a UNIVERSITY
in the United States.

F. I'm sure I have MET
your girlfriend before.

I don't think I will be here to answer the phone.
H. Andy knocked on the door BUT
nobody answered.

lunch let's go out for a coffee.

question 3

Identify the part of speech of the word in CAPITAL LETTERS in each of the following sentences:

A. The clown chased a dog around the RING and then fell flat on her face.

B. The geese INDOLENTY waddled across the intersection.

C. YIKES! I'm late for class.

D. Bruno's SHABBY thesaurus tumbled out of the book bag when the bus suddenly pulled out into traffic.

E. Mr. Frederick angrily STAMPED out the fire that the local hooligans had started on his verandah.

F. Later that summer, SHE asked herself, "What was I thinking of?"

G. She thought that the twenty zucchini plants WOULD not BE enough so she planted another ten.

H. ALTHOUGH she gave hundreds of zucchini away, the enormous mound left over frightened her.

I. Everywhere she went, SHE talked about the prolific veggies.

J. The manager CONFIDENTLY made his presentation to the board of directors.

K. Frankenstein IS the name of the scientist, not the monster.

L. Her greatest fear is that the world will end before she finds a comfortable pair OF panty-hose.

M. That suitcase is HERS.

N. EVERYONE in the room cheered when the announcement was made.

O. The sun was shining as we SET out for our first winter camping trip.

P. SMALL children often insist that they can do it by themselves.

Q. DUST covered every surface in the locked bedroom.

R. The census taker knocked LOUDLY on all the doors but nobody was home.

S. They wondered if there truly was honour AMONG thieves.

T. Exciting new products AND effective marketing strategies will guarantee the company's success.