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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

domanda 1

Riddles - Guess it!

A. It is famous for my cheese and my chocolates -

B. It is a wild country of North America -

C. It is a neighbour of Germany -

D. Lisbon is its Capital -

E. It is famous for its salmons -

F. Lyon is a town in

G. Madrid is the capital of

H. A nickname of is the Perfidious Albion

I. You can see the Kremlin in

J. Green is the colour of

K. Teheran is the capital of

L. Andersen is a famous storyteller from

M. Venice is an attractive city in

N. The biggest country and island in Oceania is

O. Hinduism is an important religious tradition in

domanda 2

Choose the right alternative

A. There's a new restaurant near my house.

B. Emma's new boyfriend comes from

C. Although he was born in Hong Kong, both of his parents are

D. Carlos is from

E. He was born in

F. He's
. He was born in Holland.

people are warm and friendly.

H. Like most people from
, she loves football.

I. She is

J. Anja is from

K. These are my friends from

L. Toshi is from

M. Sofia is

domanda 3

Find the right country

A. The French live in

B. The Portuguese live in

C. The Swiss live in

D. The English live in

E. Scottish is the native language in

F. The Japanese live in

G. Italians live in

H. Belgians live in

I. The Welsh live in

J. Spanish is spoken in

K. The Irish live in

L. Finnish is spoken in

domanda 4

Ex 4 - Build up sentences as in the example
Mario Balotelli / Germany / Italy
Is Mario Balotelli German? No, he isn't. He is Italian

A. Madonna / Sweden / the USA.
? No, she isn't. She is .

B. Antonio Banderas / Portugal / Spain.
? No, he isn't. He is .

C. Eva Herzigova / Norway / Sweden.
? No, she isn't. She is .

D. Sean Connery / Wales / Scotland.
? No, he isn't. He is .

domanda 5


A. Scusi, come si dice "foglio" in inglese? Excuse me, "foglio" ?

B. Da dove vieni? - Vengo dalla Danimarca, sono danese ma mia mamma svedese.
, I'm .

C. La mia nuova macchina fotografica giapponese.