NATIONALITY - Intermediate

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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

domanda 1

Fill the right adjective in the gap. Sometimes the prompt in the brackets are necessary

A. drink a lot of tea. (England)

live in Switzerland.

are very kind. (France)

like to have fun. (Japan)

are good football players. (Germany)

work a lot. (China)

are very fond of Guinness beer. (Ireland)

live in Belgium.

like the sun. (Italy)

are nice. (Portugal)

like folk dances. (Holland)

drink strong alcohol (Russia)

are proud of their legends and folklore. (Wales).

domanda 2

Transform the following adjectives into nouns of nationality - i.e : Italian -' an Italian

A. Canada - a

B. Norway - a

C. Wales - a

D. Ireland - an

E. Mexico - a

F. Portugal - a

G. Holland - a

H. Austria - an

domanda 3

What word do you need to complete the sentence?

A. In America, people think that really like Jerry Lewis, the comedian. This is not true.

B. We need to provide more money for
. Nobody should live in poverty.

C. We need to get the money by taxing

D. We need to provide access to the building for
. A ramp, not just stairs.

E. On November 11th we remember
from the War.

F. When I went to the Netherlands, I found out that
in general speak good English.

eat a lot of paella. I love it too.

H. We need to spend more money on special hospitals and psychiatrists for

I. We need to provide more training for
. It will help them to find new jobs.

J. After the train crash,
were taken to several local hospitals.

K. Youth is wasted on

L. In the kingdom of
, the one-eyed man is king.

M. We need to find homes for

have the best restaurants in the world. Come to Paris for a gastronomic treat.

don't know how to cook vegetables. I always eat Indian food when I go to London.

P. It's a job-creation scheme to help

drive on the left.

are famous for their chocolate, banks and watches.

S. Robin Hood took from
and gave to .

domanda 4


A. C' una signora francese nell'ingresso della scuola.

B. Il tuo albergo pieno di tedeschi. -

C. Gli svizzeri sanno parlare tre lingue: francese, tedesco e italiano.
: , .

D. A Londra ci sono molti italiani.

E. Nella mia classe ci sono due inglesi e una svizzera.