Modal verbs . NECESSITY (mustn't / doesn't have to)

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domanda 1

MUST / HAVE TO /HAVE GOT TO - Choose the correct alternative for each sentence

A. If Richard wants to become a professional musician, he every day.

B. Mr. Wu: Hi, Mark. Where's your dad?
Mark: Oh, he
to work because there was an emergency.

C. If you have a pet dog, you
feed it every day or it will die!

D. When a police officer asks to see your driver's license, you
to him/her.

E. Friend:
pay to see the doctor?
Brother: No, she
because she has medical insurance.

F. According to the law, drivers
at stop signs.

G. In order to log on to the Internet, Sally
her user I.D.

H. Son: Mom, I don't want to clean my room.
it right now?
Mother: Yes, right now.

domanda 2


A. New drivers take a test in order to get a driver's license. They have no choice.

B. A:
go to work today? B: No, I don't because it's Sunday.

C. John
finish the report quickly because the deadline is today at 4 pm.

D. A: Jennifer lost her passport.
get a new one? B: No, she . She found it in her purse.

E. I'm sorry, Mom. I
call you back later. My cell phone battery is dying.

F. Canadians
pay taxes every year. It's the law.

G. Sasha
email her homework to her teacher because she forgot to take it to class yesterday.

H. A: Does Joseph
study very much tonight? B: No, he doesn't. He reviewed a lot last night and he
I. understood everything well.

J. Barbara
go to the supermarket because she doesn't have enough food for dinner.

domanda 3

MUSTN'T /DON'T HAVE TO - Choose the correct alternative

A. Sorry, I can't come out tonight. I study for my history test.

B. I
to leave Gerard because he was too jealous.

C. We
to get up early if we want to get there on time.

D. The Reeve family
to move out of their flat next month.

E. We
to go to bed early last night because it was Saturday.

F. Jane
be younger than Pamela.

G. You
invite them. They are always so rude.

H. They
to get up early. The train leaves at 11.00.

I. You
smoke. It's bad for your health.

J. Sorry, I
go home. I feed the cat and the dog.

domanda 4

DON'T HAVE TO/ MUSTN'T - Translate

A. Non dobbiamo prenotare un tavolo. Il lunedý Ŕ un giorno molto tranquillo. -
. Monday .

B. Non devi parlare con lui. ╚ un bugiardo. - You
. He .

C. Non devi parlare con lui se non vuoi. - You

domanda 5

PET - Part 1
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS
(0) The bus station is near the new shopping centre.
The bus station isn't 'FAR FROM' the new shopping centre

A. You can have your friends over, but don't make a mess.
You can have your friends over, but you
a mess.

B. We're only staying away a few days, so there's no need to take many thing with us.
If we're only staying away a few days, we
take many things with us.

C. It's not necessary to pay now. You can pay on delivery.
to pay now. You can pay on delivery.

D. Julia is better now, so it won't be necessary for her to see a doctor.
to see a doctor because she's better now.

E. At the summer camp, we weren't obliged to help with the cooking.
At the summer camp, we
to help with the cooking.

F. My mother got angry if we were not punctual for dinner.
be late for dinner or else my mother got angry

domanda 6

Fill in Must o To Have /mustn't /don't have/did have to/didn't have to/had to

A. You see that movie, my friend.

we call the ambulance?

(you) stay at home, didn't you?

D. Yesterday, she
interrupt the meeting.

E. She
cook. She is going to the restaurant.

F. My sister
eat strawberries. She's allergic.

G. You
sign here in order to rent a car.

H. You
make a cake for you father's birthday, as I'm going to buy one.

I. You
criticize David. He has done the best he could.

J. Jeans are not allowed in this company. You
wear jeans.

K. This is a sterile area. It must be kept clean. You
bring any food or drink in here.