Modal verbs ABILITY (Can, Could, Be able to)

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domanda 1

Choose the best modal for each sentence.

A. She understand Korean very well, but she speak it perfectly.

you play the piano when you were a child?

C. Sara
Italian food and she French food too!

D. My cat
jump, but it talk.

dogs fly? No, of course not!

F. Kevin was disappointed because he
get tickets for the football game.

G. When Vera was young, she
type quickly. She took a typing class and now she type very quickly!

H. Peter
swim when he was a child, but now he . In fact, he swims every day!

domanda 2

Choose the right alternative

A. I think I to drive a car next month.

B. I have never
to speak French correctly.

you see that scooter? It's mine.

D. I
not understand a word of what he was saying.

E. Sharon was the only one who
understand some Japanese.

F. I'm sorry I
not come to your party but I had a headache.

G. He
to open the door easily because the key was rusty.

H. Excuse me.
you tell me the way to the National Gallery? (formale)

I. Peter
to contact her before she left.

J. We
to leave for London tomorrow.

domanda 3

Fill in the right modal - CAN, COULD, BE ABLE TO

A. James and Sara were so sad because they go to their brother's wedding. They were too sick.

B. The students
understand the instructions for the test yesterday, so many of them failed.

C. A: We have a big problem. What
we do? B: I don't know. Maybe we ask our boss for help.

D. When Tina was a child, she
speak three languages: French, Arabic and English. She rarely practiced
E. French, so she
speak it anymore.

F. I'm sorry. I
hear you. Please speak more loudly.

G. My little brother
play piano and guitar.

she play guitar?

you speak English when you were a child?

you understand the homework?

you understand the homework?

you finish the test?

he pass the exam?