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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

question 1

Transform the following adjectives into adverbs
EX: glad - gladly

A. fluent - -

B. sweet -

C. terrible -

D. early -

E. loud -

F. polite -

G. final -

H. sudden -

I. late -

J. careful -

K. heavy -

L. quiet -

M. Quick -

N. Fast -

O. Slow -

P. Bad -

Q. Easy -

R. Good -

S. Happy -

question 2

ADJECTIVE or ADVERB? Choose the correct form

A. Niagara Falls form a border between the United States and Canada.

B. Tourists visit this place

C. I got hurt pretty
in the accident.

D. The Falls are very

E. So you must speak
or nobody can understand you.

F. Many years ago, the Iroquois tribe lived here

G. Mary is a

H. Andrew plays the piano

I. It's
to be here.

J. Mrs. Thompson sews

K. Mr. Garcia speaks

L. His kids are

M. Joanna sings

N. Faye writes

O. Douglas and Hannah are

P. It is a
mile from here.

Q. The dog is

R. It' raining

S. He is such a

question 3

Transform the following sentences with adjectives into sentences with adverbs
e.g.: He's a careful listener. He listens carefully

A. He has a polite behaviour. - He .

B. Tom speaks fluent English. - Tom speaks

C. You are a quick eater. - You

D. She had a sweet smile. - She

E. John gave a polite answer. - John

F. The rain is heavy. - It is

G. He's an awful player. - He

H. She makes beautiful paintings. - She

I. Janet usually has a very slow walk. - Janet usually

J. Her English is fluent. - She speaks English

K. Our mum was angry. - She spoke to us

L. My neighbour is a careless driver. - He drives

M. The boy is loud. - He shouts