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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

question 1

ADJECTIVE or ADVERB? Choose the correct form

A. Jessica is a basketball player.

B. Patty doesn't cook

C. Mr. Lopez is not a

D. Those girls talk

E. I don't think I am a

F. John works
every day

G. Jack speaks

H. Tom gets up
every morning

I. How are you? I'm not very

J. He speaks quite

K. Be
. Don't be so noisy

L. She got hurt very

M. Please, listen to me

N. Mary gets up
every morning

O. You are dressed so

P. I wanted the job very

question 2

Transform the following sentences with adjectives into sentences with adverbs
e.g.: He's a careful listener. He listens carefully

A. The painter is awful. - He paints .

B. Jim is a wonderful piano player. - He plays the piano

C. This girl is very quiet. - She often sneaks out of the house

D. She is a good dancer. She dances really

E. This exercise is simple. - You
have to put one word in each space.

F. His German isn't very good. - He doesn't speak

G. He had to be fast to catch the bus. - He had to run

H. He is a very slow driver. - He

I. His writing isn't clear. - He doesn't

J. My secretary's typing is quick. - My secretary

K. The test was very easy for me. - I did

L. They had very bad wounds. - They got

M. Joanne is happy. - She smiles