MUCH /MANY /a lot of/ very BASIC B

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domanda 1

Change the following sentences into the negative using MUCH or MANY
Example: There is a lot of water - There isn't much water

A. The students take a lot of exams during the school year. - The students during the school year

B. My father eats a lot of fruit. - My father

C. Young children should drink a lot of milk. - Young children

D. She buys a lot of clothes every year. - She
every year.

E. There aren't many mistakes in your test.-
mistakes in your test.

F. We haven't got a lot of chairs for the wedding.-
for the wed-ding.

G. I haven't got much work to do at the moment.-
to do at the mo-ment.

domanda 2

Choose the right alternative much / many / a lot of / lots of

A. Did you put salt in the salad?

B. We are going to do
enjoyable walks in Paris.

C. I haven't got
necklaces to wear at the party.

D. You're going to have
homework to do at home.

E. They're having

F. There are
pubs in London, but there aren't in Rome.

G. My sister Anne has got
friends. I can't count them!

H. There isn't
wine left, only a couple of cups. We should buy some more.

I. There were so
ties in the shop that Kevin didn't know which one to choose.

J. Don't worry about the bread. We have
flour in the cupboard, three kilos, I think.

K. How
bread is he baking?

L. There aren't
Christmas decorations this year. Last year, there were more.

domanda 3

very /much very + AGG positivo / much +COMP

A. He's more chubby than I remembered.

B. I wasn't well yesterday, but I feel
better today.

C. My parents' house is

D. This book is
more interesting than that one.

E. This red wine is terrible but the white wine is even
more terrible.

F. That coat is very expensive even
more than yours.

G. My coffee is
hotter than yours.

H. Mary in
elder than Mike.

I. Try again, you are
closer than you think to the right answer

domanda 4

Exit test-Fill (how) much / (how) many / a lot of/ very

1. I'm not taller than Alex.

work do you have to do?

3. If you're
fat you should go to gym.

rice would you like?

5. Were there
people at the party?

6. There is
food in the fridge.

7. I think you have to be
braver than this to be a policeman.

8. If you have a
old guitar you should buy one new.

does this dress cost, please?

10. Did you have
toys when you were young?

eggs do you need for the cake?

domanda 5

EXIT TEST : Choose the right alternative: SOME, ANY OR NO/NONE:

A. Would you like biscuits?

B. No thanks, I don't fancy

C. I have
dictionaries in my room that you are welcome to use.

D. Here are
nice ripe apples.

E. They haven't asked us
questions so far.

F. Mary, there is
gas in the car.

G. Oh, no. We had better get

H. Are there
good movies this weekend?

I. No, there are

J. Does he eat

K. The teacher has
time to correct the compositions now. She has a meeting with the school director.

of my friends are in the football team.

M. Is there

N. I'm afraid there's

O. I want to take a shower; is there
hot water?

P. I'm sorry, there is
hot water.

Q. Is there
time left before class finishes?

R. Does Mark have
books on ancient history?

S. Do you have
Russian relatives?

T. Is there
tea in the pot?

U. No, there's

V. He doesn't want
dessert, for he's on a diet.

W. Are there
truly honest people?

of this trees is as tall as the one in my garden.