VERY / MUCH / A LOT OF - Basic A

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Al termine del quiz premi il pulsante 'VERIFICA' qui' a fianco

domanda 1

Change the following sentences into the negative using MUCH or MANY
Example: There is a lot of water - There isn't much water

A. There are a lot of people waiting outside. - There waiting outside

B. There were a lot of children in the park yesterday. - There
in the park yesterday

C. We spent a lot of time in the shopping centre. - We
in the shop-ping centre

D. My sister has got a lot of homework to do. - My sister
homework to do

E. There is a lot of beer in the fridge. - There
in the fridge

F. David speaks a lot of foreign languages. - David

G. I drank a lot of coffee yesterday.-

H. Sandra's got many friends outside her workplace.-
outside her workplace.

domanda 2

Choose the right alternative much / many / a lot of / lots of

A. There aren't mistakes in your test.

B. I think they've got

C. There weren't
people at the party.

D. Are there
eggs in the fridge?

E. There are
interesting museums in London.

tourists visit Rome every year.

G. I haven't got
beer at home.

H. She's got
Chinese books

I. There is
noise in here.

J. I don't need

K. Are there
parks in your town?

L. She has
things to do.

domanda 3

very /much very + AGG positivo / much +COMP

A. This soup is warmer than yours.

B. I can't eat this cake. It' s

C. They have a
little house.

D. She makes
crunchy biscuits.

E. His book is
more interesting then the other one I read month ago.

F. Anglo-saxons were
cruel, but Danes were more cruel.

G. This film is

H. Ronald is a
good-looking boy.

I. That night was

domanda 4

Exit test-Fill (how) much / (how) many / a lot of/ very

A. I don't drink coffee.

B. I don't have

C. John doesn't have

D. We are not
keen on maths.

E. You don't have
time to do this test.

F. My scooter is
faster than my old one.

G. David reads
books, but he doesn't read newspapers.

H. This monkey isn't

I. You're
cute with this skirt.

J. Will you be there
longer ?

K. Did you answer
questions wrongly in the test?

L. She bought
flour to make a pizza.

times have you been to England?