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domanda 1

TOO + ADJECTIVE - Sentence Transformation PET
Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use no more than three words.
E.G. The football match lasted two and a half hours. I missed the bus home. It (was too long).

A. My brother prefers staying in bed to doing sport. - He to do any sport.

B. I can't hear the teacher when he speaks. - His voice

C. We can't play tennis this afternoon after all that rain. - The tennis court

D. Simon wants to ride my motorbike but he's only 12 - Simon
to ride my motorbike.

E. I won't go to sleep if I drink that coffee. - Can I have some weaker coffee? That one

F. He is so weak that he cannot walk.- He

G. The news is so good that it cannot be true. - The
be true.

H. He is so clever that he cannot be easily deceived.- He is

I. The atom is so small that it cannot be seen with the eye. - The atom is
with the eye.

J. She is so poor that she cannot continue her studies. - She is
her studies.

domanda 2

Choose the right alternative: too/ too much/ too many

A. I don't like the weather here . There is rain.

B. You are always tired. I think you work

C. You drink
coffee. It's not good for you.

D. There was nowhere to sit on the beach. There were

E. Our team didn't play well. We made

F. I don't like the weather here. It's

G. He didn't take the job because the salary was

H. He's getting
fat because

I. he eats

J. and he drinks

K. Don't drive
fast, will you ! It's dangerous.

L. Let's get out of here : there are
people in this room !

M. Open the window, please, it's
hot in here !

N. He read the exercise
quickly, that's why he made that mistake.

O. There's
noise here, let's go somewhere else.

cooks spoil the broth. (Proverb)

Q. Men think women spend
money on clothes.

domanda 3

Choose the correct option: Too much/many, so much/many

A. You shouldn't eat hamburgers. You need to follow a healthy diet.

B. Bill spends
time in front of the TV. He doesn't do any sport and he's getting fat.

C. Can you buy some butter? There isn't

D. There were
people waiting for the box office to open that we decided not to buy the tickets.

E. I bought
food. We had to throw some of it away.

F. There are
cars on the road. More people should use public transport.

G. There are 35 children in each class. It's

H. He has

I. There were
jobs to do.

domanda 4

Choose the right alternative: too/ too much/ too many/(not) enough

A. The test is difficult for students to do.

B. We haven't got
time to take holiday this year.

C. They shouldn't get married yet. They are not

D. She bought the jacket because it wasn't
expensive for her.

E. The students didn't work hard

F. I can't work today. It's

G. Tom didn't win the race because his car wasn't

H. Dear friends, did you have
to eat? Yes, thank you.

I. You don't eat
fruit, you should eat some more.

J. I'll have to finish it on Friday because I don't have

K. I can't do this exercise because it's

L. It's impossible to study in my house because it's

M. Have you got
money to buy a new car?

N. I can't drink this coffee because it's
strong for me.

O. Ken is always at home. He doesn't go out