SOME / ANY / A / AN - Basic B

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domanda 1

Choose the right alternative: A / AN / SOME

A. There isn't any ice-cream , but there's cream.

B. There's
bottle in the fridge.

C. Are you staying in

D. I gave him

E. I bought
tickets for the match.

F. Do you see

G. Could you buy

H. Would you like
butter and jam?

I. Mum, please give me

J. Does the monkey eat

K. Tom gives me
nice present.

L. This is
excellent test.

M. Dave and Peter send us

domanda 2

Choose the right alternative: a/an/ some /any

A. "No, I don't have " he replied.

B. Would you like

C. No, thanks. Just
cup of tea.

D. That is very kind of you because I don't have

E. Lucy has got

F. Mike doesn't have

G. There is
coffee in the fridge.

H. Mary will give us

I. Will you have
extra sheet?

J. There isn't

K. Sean didn't give me

L. We bought

M. I have
beautiful picture of you.

N. Is there
cheese in the fridge?

O. I think there is
interesting book shop to see in London Square.

domanda 3

Choose the right alternative: SOME, ANY or NO

A. Have you got any books for me? Sorry, I have got books.

B. I agreed with
proposals you made, sorry.

C. I have got
time at all.

D. I felt completely confused, I had
ideas about what we could do.

E. We don't know
serious journalist who could forget to ask such an important question.

F. Are there
cockroaches at your house?

G. There's a monster under my bed. No there isn't
monster under your bed!!

H. Are there
skeletons in his closet?

I. Yes, there are

J. Do you know
famous people?

K. Yes, know

L. No, I don't know

M. He doesn't have

N. Are there

O. No, there aren't

P. She hasn't
clothes to wear to the party.

Q. No problem, I can give her

domanda 4

Choose the right alternative: NO / NONE

A. I had money yesterday.

B. There is

C. There is
wind this morning.

of the children were late for school.

E. I have
idea what time it is.

of the streets have been plowed.

bicycles are allowed on the grass.

harm was done.

I. How many tickets have you got? We have
tickets left.

J. There is
time to lose.

of the stores are open.

L. I thought there were two oranges left, but there are

M. There is

of the trees are evergreens.

domanda 5

EXIT TEST : Choose the right alternative: SOME, ANY OR NO/NONE:

A. Would you like biscuits?

B. No thanks, I don't fancy

C. I have
dictionaries in my room that you are welcome to use.

D. Here are
nice ripe apples.

E. They haven't asked us
questions so far.

F. Mary, there is
gas in the car.

G. Oh, no. We had better get

H. Are there
good movies this weekend?

I. No, there are

J. Does he eat

K. The teacher has
time to correct the compositions now. She has a meeting with the school director.

of my friends are in the football team.

M. Is there

N. I'm afraid there's

O. I want to take a shower; is there
hot water?

P. I'm sorry, there is
hot water.

Q. Is there
time left before class finishes?

R. Does Mark have
books on ancient history?

S. Do you have
Russian relatives?

T. Is there
tea in the pot?

U. No, there's

V. He doesn't want
dessert, for he's on a diet.

W. Are there
truly honest people?

of this trees is as tall as the one in my garden.