SOME / ANY / A / AN - Basic A

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domanda 1

Choose the right alternative: A / AN / SOME

A. We need kilo of apples.

B. There's
newspaper on the table.

C. I've got
salad sandwiches for my lunch today.

apple a day keeps the doctor away

E. How about
cup of coffee?

F. There are
grapes in the fridge.

G. I need
money to go shopping.

H. We need to buy
rolls if you want to make hotdogs for your lunch.

I. That's
hour we've been waiting.

J. I'd like
chocolate, and you?

K. Please buy me
little dog!

L. If there is
news I'll call you.

M. Do you prefer
glass of water or more wine?

domanda 2

Choose the right alternative: a/an/ some /any

A. Is there orange juice left in the fridge?

B. You have
nice dress!

C. I haven't got
tea. Can you go to the corner store and buy more?

D. I'm sure I made
mistakes on the exam.

E. My friend didn't make
mistakes on the exam.

F. I should have
medicine for this headache.

G. I should have studied
more last night.

H. I have no cigarettes left so I'll go to the store to buy

I. Do you want
cup of coffee?

J. Are there
students in the classroom?

K. I would like
glass of wine.

L. You must give me
more money.

domanda 3

Choose the right alternative: SOME, ANY or NO

A. There isn't food at all in the refrigerator, is there?

B. We are broke. We have
money to buy grandpa a gift.

C. Are there
students in the classroom?

D. There is
point in our discussion.

E. Don't you know the proverb: "
news is good news"?

F. We can't make the cake! We don't have
sugar or flour!

G. There aren't
books on this topic in the library.

H. The poor man has
food to eat. He's starving.

I. Trust me when I say:-There aren't
girls like you.

J. Are there
foreign students in your school?

K. She hasn't got
friends here in Milan

L. You haven't got
good records.

M. I don't need

N. I need

O. Do
black people work in your company?

P. Yes, there are

domanda 4

Choose the right alternative: NO / NONE

A. She wanted some sugar but there was in the house.

B. Is there any tea left? No,
at all.

C. There was
end to our troubles.

D. They had
food to eat.

of them has come back yet.

words can describe the scene.

G. Have you got any kids? We have

H. Have we got any eggs?- No, we've got

I. Half a piece is better than

J. There is
salad in the bowl.

of you helped me.

L. I had
idea about your thesis.

M. I have to take a bus, I've

domanda 5

EXIT TEST : Choose the right alternative: SOME, ANY OR NO/NONE:

A. Only of his friends came. Not all of them.

of your friends can play the piano.

C. I bought a loaf of bread and
cheese at the supermarket yesterday.

D. Don't close the door. There are still
children outside.

of you has a problem as big as mine.

F. I'm busy. I have
time to chat with you now.

G. He always gives
money to charity. He's a very generous person.

H. We are taking a short ride. There's
time for a long one.

I. Can I have
cake please?

J. Sorry, there's

people prefer to study in the morning; others at night.

L. I gave him
medicine for his headache, so he feels much better now.

M. Have you got
milk?- No, we've got .

matter what he does, they will not accept him in the group.