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domanda 1


A. Earl drinks much it is starting to interfere with his work.

B. The archeologist had never seen
writing before he discovered the tablet

C. My sister visits us
rarely that my kids wouldn't even recognize her.

D. He is
idiot! He says the stupidest things.

E. She is
genius that they immediately gave her a position at the university.

F. I never knew you had
many brothers!

G. Frank has never made
mistakes before.

H. She spoke
quickly! She sounded like an auctioneer.

I. He paints
well that they offered him a scholarship at an art school in Paris.

J. Celebrities have
weird tastes!

K. She is
funny! She always makes me laugh.

L. Sarah and Ed are
crazy people! I never know what they are going to do next.

M. James has
much money that he could actually buy that Ferrari.

N. Although most of the audience had never been exposed to
music, they thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the Tibetan folk choir.

O. The movie was
good that I saw it five times.

domanda 2

Ex b: SO / SUCH / SUCH A

A. Terry speaks English fluently that I thought he was American.

B. Most students never discuss
topics in class, but I think it is important to teach our children to question the media.

C. Jerry had never seen
high mountains. He thought they were spectacular.

D. Fred is
clown! He is always telling jokes and making people laugh.

E. There was
little interest in his talk on macroeconomics that the room was half empty by the time he stopped speaking.

F. How could you say
horrible things to me?

G. He is
jerk! He hasn't said one nice thing since he started working here.

H. That new song is
cool that it hit the top ten within a week of being released.

I. Martha is
good cook that she is writing her own book of family recipes.

J. I don't know if that is
good idea. Maybe we should try something else.

K. She has
many hats that she needs two closets to store them all.

L. That takes
little time and effort that you might as well do it yourself.

M. I had to pay $140 for books for my new Spanish class. I don't know why my professor has to choose
expensive books for her course.

N. Please, don't drive
fast! I'm terrified we're going to have an accident.

O. I really wish you wouldn't smoke
much! It's destroying your health.

domanda 3

EX C : Such / so / too

A. I saw beautiful flowers, I wished I had brought my camera with me.

B. The sun was
bright that we had to wear sunglasses.

C. I saw
many flowers that I could not identify them all.

D. By the time I received your message, it was
late to call you.

E. She sang
soothing lullabies that the baby was soon asleep.

F. He owned
many books that his walls were lined with bookcases.

G. The boys were
excited to sit still.

H. He has
varied interests, one never knows what he will do next.

I. They have
few enemies, they are accepted wherever they go.

J. The snow was
deep for us to walk across the field.

K. Yesterday I walked
far that I fell asleep immediately after supper.

L. I had
a good time at the party, I did not want to leave.

M. I see her
often that I feel I know her quite well.

N. The visibility was
poor for the mountains to be seen.

O. This is
an interesting book, I stayed up all night to read it.

P. This puzzle is
easy that a child could do it.

Q. There was
much traffic, I could not cross the street.

R. She was
tired to watch the video.

S. They have
little furniture, it will be easy for them to move.