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domanda 1

Choose the right intensifier

A. There are people trying to go to the U2 concert this weekend.

B. How many gallons of water did you bring for the trip? - I just have a

C. Jessica spent a lot of money on her car. Now she only has a
money left to pay for her living expenses.

D. There are only a
days left until Christmas.

E. There is
hope of finding your wallet.

F. They have very
knowledge about politics.

G. That is my favourite book. I've read it

H. We have stayed at this hotel

time and money is spent on education, more on health services but the most is spent on national defence.

domanda 2

Choose the right alternative

A. I have time for people who talk about themselves all the time and never listen to anyone else.

A. His computer needs cleaning. He takes very
care of it.

B. Football is a subject I know very

people can live without any money.

D. I am glad so many people have passed the test. In fact, there were
who haven't.

E. "There are
leftovers for you in the fridge", she cried out.

F. "I will succeed, with
help from my friends", he said.

G. She's gone already? And I am only
minutes late!

H. I was told that
care could have prevented the accident. Is that true?

I. In
cases it is clear who it is that is responsible for a marriage break-up.

J. There is
doubt that Annemie's team will win the quiz.

K. "The
response I got from her really drove me crazy", he sighed.

L. Good friends one has so
that one should treasure them.

M. "Give the boy
extra money", the old man said.

domanda 3

EXIT TEST- how much, how many, a few, a little, a lot of, some or any. Fill in the right intensifier

A. There aren't eggs in the refrigerator.

milk do we need?

restaurants sell hot dogs.

D. I have
friends in America.

E. There isn't
ice cream in the fridge: there's only .

apples do you have?

G. I don't like
kinds of vegetables.

H. We don't drink
orange juice, we only drink it at breakfast.

I. Eating
chocolate is unhealthy.

J. Mary likes to eat
for dinner; she's not a big eater.